Nature Friday: Bear Stuffies

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting. Nature Friday.

So I’ve been thinking. Why does Nature Friday always have to be about plants? Aren’t we all part of nature? I know, deep thoughts for me…Angel Lexi must be haunting my dreams. So what about bears? And if bears, then why not my bear stuffies? I mean, they’ve got feelings too, right? At least I believe they do, so it must be true. I think that’s how it works. Wow, Angel Lexi really is around here somewhere.

Usually my bear stuffies are all hibernating by now – with the exception of Winter Bear who sticks around all year. I guess the warm weather has kept them active and still in the mood to play. Then, right after Thanksgiving, this happened.

Xena, we need to talk to you. We’ve been having lots of fun with you, even deep into our usual hibernation time. But since Riley’s been here, we’ve had to stay up out of his reach so that, well, you know. *shudder*

Anyhoo, we decided it’s time to go take our long winter nap. We love you and will see you in the spring.

Riley: You can stop talking trash about me. I’m right here, you know. I haven’t touched even one of y’all since I’ve been here.

That’s cause they’re right, Mommy did set all my stuffies up on top of the Victorola so that you wouldn’t hurt them. Stupid dog. Now they’re going away and I won’t see them for months!
Mommy, send Riley home so that my friends don’t have to go hibernate.

It’s OK Xexe, it’s just Nature. We’ll see you in the Spring. And thank you for the yummy berries on Thanksgiving. Those were a great treat, and it meant a lot to us that a schnauzer would share her food.

Love, Bears Sweetheart, Jen-Jen, Brownie, Rainbow and Lexi’s little bear.

27 thoughts on “Nature Friday: Bear Stuffies

  1. Hi new friend! Ojo here! I am sorry your bear friends are going into hibernation! Maybe if they took over Riley’s sun puddle on the chair they could stay out? I’m sure there will be no chewing happening – Santa is coming soon you know, and we all have to be Very Good!

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  2. Trust me, bears, if I could hibernate for a while I would. Mom says we are already hibernating plenty from the evil virus trying to…. Um… I think – eat us or something. Bye, bears. Have a nice winter nap.

    Love and licks,

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  3. All yore Bearss are so cute Xena!! Mee thinkss Riley does not meen to hert yore Bearss…..sum poochie doggiess are a bit more ‘driven’ than otherss. Maybee Riley needss to have a Bear to understand???
    Bye Bear Bearss; see you inn THE Spring….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too!

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  4. I think easy mama had it right it would be nice to sleep till the rest of the year and hope we wake up minus the virus. And I agree bears are part of Nature and that means that dogs with stuffed bears are part of nature. And also Riley is part of nature because he likes to tear up stuff there’s that’s due to his nature haha by Bears see you next year

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    1. Hmm, I never thought about Riley’s deading my stuffies was part of (his) nature. But I don’t like all nature, like ticks and fleas and mosquitoes and plants that stick to my leg hairs. XOX Xena


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