Chloe and Chaz Visit

Lucy here with a different kind of report today.

First, Riley has been here with us for about a week. At first he missed his Dad a lot, but he’s settled in and plays with me and adjusted to our “sleep all night” and “regular feeding times” routine.

Riley: My bowl’s empty Mom Amy. I think I could eat a little more.
Lucy: His bowl’s empty Mom, and come to think of it, so is mine.

Do you remember Chloe and Chaz who come to get groomed? They’ve been coming for so long, you probably don’t. So let me re-introduce you to them, which won’t be hard since they are staying here with us while their Mom and Dad run off to Gatlinburg to have a jolly good time. Let’s start with the fast and easy one. This is Chloe.

Where you see her is where she stays. The door’s always open, but she only comes out to go potty (sometimes even outside). Her Mom thinks she was abused as a very young puppy and has never gotten over it. Her dogtor even thought one of her ribs might have been broken. She lets Mom reach in and lift her out and hold her and doesn’t even seem to mind Mom grooming her.
Riley stuck his head in to say hello and you shoulda heard her growl at him. He just laughed and left her alone, which is what she wanted anyhow. This morning Xena stuck her head in Chloe’s kennel (I think she was checking for food). Xexe has learned to back fast and far in her Freestyle training, and she put it to good use this morning when Chloe growled at her!
The other thing about Chloe is she wouldn’t eat her first supper and breakfast here. Mom tried cooked chicken, her dry food, and Riley’s canned food. No luck.

So last night Mom cooked up some hamburger and Chloe ate it all. Here’s her and her brother’s breakfast this morning. Chicken, ground beef and canned dog food.

They both cleaned their plates. Their folks are coming to get them after lunch today. I guess that’s why Chazie got a bath.

Chaz is an outgoing and friendly little guy. He walked in our house like he owned the place. From the start, he wasn’t even afraid of giant Riley or mouthy Xena. He never causes trouble either, he just wants to get along and do whatever the rest of us are doing. So of course, we’ve all treated him proper, just like one of the pack. Riley’s even careful not to step on him, BOL. Chaz does have to wear his belly band all the time in the house or he will “mark” everywhere.

Well, we just heard from their Mom that they are leaving soon for home and will be here after lunch. We’ll end today’s report with this picture that she included with her text.

Bye, bye Chaz and Chloe. I think I might actually miss you!
Love and kisses, Lucy

34 thoughts on “Chloe and Chaz Visit

  1. From the Mom: Boy dogs wear belly bands when they have the tendency to lift their leg (pee) on stuff in the house. Even though Chaz lifted his leg to mark the furniture and corners of the house, it all stayed in his belly band that also contained a “pad”! (But he was happy cause he thought he had marked it all as his.)

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  2. Riley iss like a BIG Brothur Xena an Lucy…an Lucy you an Riley look guud together.
    Wee hope Riley iss enjoyin his stay with all of youss’.
    Poor Chloe! What a life shee had beefore. Precious poochie. Shee reemindss mee of mee when mee ferst came here; stayin inn Bedroom inn pet bed on THE bed all tHE time. Mee only came out to use littur….
    meowin ’bout littur; what iss a ‘belly band’? Why does Chaz have to wear it? Mee cure-euss…Okay nosy!!
    THE fireplace foto of Chloe an Chaz iss sheer purrfection!
    **purrss** an ❤ BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

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  3. Woof 🐶 Woof thank you Lucy, Xena @ Riley & your parents for letting chaz and I spend the night with you. I’m not a very social girl but my brother has enough of that for both of us.Merry Christmas from our family to yours see you in six weeks for a grooming Chloe.

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  4. Aww, Chaz, how could you do that? We think Chloe will get extra hamburger next time she is here to make up for it. We know you aren’t mean to your sister, though. Merry Christmas to you both and to your peeps. XOX Lucy, Xena, Riley and Amy


  5. Mom raised 2 boy peeps. The younger one always had other peeps his age in the house, sometimes even peep strays. So she got used to dealing with whatever with an extra blanket(s) and place setting(s).

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  6. Woof 🐶 Woof thank you Lucy Xena and Riley for letting Chaz and I come over and spend the night. Chaz got home and told my mom and dad that I wouldn’t come out of my house so Chaz wrote a letter to Santa telling him that I deserve coal in my stocking better still just bring the whole quarry He can be so funny at times sorry I wasn’t as social as he is but he is always outgoing and he does enough for both of us. so until next time Merry 🎄 Christmas 🐶🐶

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  7. Oh, what a FABulous time you gurls had with your guests!!! Poor Chloe….I thinks she is doin’ the best she can, and has some pawsome peeps who understand. yay!
    Nows….where is that burger??!
    Ruby ♥

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  8. Such fun visitors. We think Chloe is a tough cookie guarding her special place from intruders. I think they will be thrilled when their parents come home. But I have a feeling they will be back. Your house is a blast!

    Love and licks,

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  9. you and Lucy and Riley were so good to let two visitors stay for a while and get along so well together. the story of the teeth and the scared puppy staying in the crate hurts my heart. I am glad their parents will be there to get them soon… you all look beautifuly today

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