Nature Friday and That Thing

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday.

Monkey: Whew. I’m glad we made it up here before Riley got ahold of us. Did you see him take off with the new guy that Xena got for Christmas? I’m afraid he might look like this aloe plant that the Mom left outside in the cold too long. It’s a gonner.

Winter Bear: Yes, I did see Riley stick his big T-Rex head into the kennel and snatch the new guy, and it made me shake all over. Bear only knows what happened to him. I know I’m the Winter Bear, but I think I’ll go hibernate with the rest of the bears until Spring. Maybe it’ll be safer around here by then. Wait! Is that the new guy heading back into Xena’s kennel?

Monkey: Hey there, you, new kid on the block, er, in the house. I’m Monkey. What’s you’re name.

Triceratop: Hi Monkey. No one’s given me a name yet. Unless it’s That Thing, as in, “I hate That Thing.” And, “I don’t know what That Thing is, but it gives me the creeps. And, “Have you seen That Thing move all on it’s own?” Xena’s supposed to be my new dog, but she hates me. I’m afraid she’s going to feed me to that big T-Rex dog. He already got me once, but the Mom rescued me.

Monkey: I don’t understand why Xena would feel that way. But come in here with me and I’ll try to help if he comes back.

That Thing: I’m a hand puppet, and I think I moved in ways that might have scared her when I was trying to play, but she would never admit it, Warrior Princess that she is. She did chase and bite me when I tried to run away from her.

Xena: Hey, You Thing, why are you back. I thought Mommy put you somewhere safe (for us both).

The Thing: I want to be with you and be your friend, even if it means facing down the T-Rex Dog.

Xena: Huh. I think you might mean Riley. And you would risk certain death by him just to be my friend?

Lucy: Hey, whatch’all doin’?

Xena: I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and NOBODY threatens my friends!

31 thoughts on “Nature Friday and That Thing

  1. Mee-yow wow wee gotta give T-REX an name! What ’bout Rexi to rhyme with ‘angel’ Lexi Xena?? Wuud that bee a guud name??
    Yore T-Rex iss so adoorabell….now mee wantss mee own too!!!
    Oh LadyMew can mee have a T-Rex???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  2. What a fierce warrior princess you are Xena…with a bunch of loyal subjects too!!

    PeeEss…Wonder why we always go out for Nature Friday?? Cause our Mama does the same thing to plants that your Mama does BOL!

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  3. Thanks for a good (healthy!) chuckle!

    That Thing is cute with its collar. I think it is a baby “it”, so it is conventual to refer to it as “it” till it grows older and becomes more obviously male or female. Anyway, the ambiguity makes it all the cuter, don’t you think?!

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  4. he is scary and a tad on the ugly side, but i am a huge fan of on the ugly side .. he is so ugly he is cute.. glad monkey is helping you learn to be nice to him. i Love love love the last photo with the three of you inside and Lucy keeping an eye on what is going on. made me SMILE…. also it is really great that your toys TALK…. seeing the two fluffy pillows in your HOME made me think to tell you something i have not shared about Beau…. he refuses to sleep on beds that are soft and fluffy, he would not lay on those pillows. he wants beds that are smooth and he doesn’t sink in them. he is very hot natured. i bought a big beautiful bed for him, and he will not lay on it for more that 3 minutes… it is big, you and Lucy and Riley and Ella could all 4 sleep on it together. now what to do with it.

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