Xena’s Story: The Wanderers Go Home

What happened to your story, Xena? You left everybody having a good time in Paris. Are they ever coming home?

Oh yeah, I forgot. But as you can see, I’m back home.

Xena, you were never…

Just go with it for once in your life, will ya’, Lucy? But just to make you happy, let’s find out how it all happened.

Xena’s Story: PART 5 CHAPTER 4

“Tell me again,” implored Lu, “how was it you lost your magic carpet and everyone still managed to get back home?”

“Well you see, it was like this,” answered Xe. “My magic carpet, the one with the great GPS system and deluxe pile – the one that Mommy bought me – it disappeared Halloween night. The only thing I could think of was that Vampire Angel Lexi took it. Maybe she became mortal for a while after scaring the bejeesus out of us and needed a ride back to the Bridge.”

“We were so scared that next morning that we didn’t even notice it was missing. We had planned to head home the next day. I was going to drop Tye and Missy off at their new home in Canada (the country) and then cross back through the states until I got home to Tennessee. I was concerned no one would be able to understand me with my new French accent, but I figured they would adapt.”

*groan* (Lu)

“Me and Tye and Missy were all packed and ready to go when we discovered the carpet was gone. So, of course I texted Mommy to tell her what happened and I would need money for the plane flight home since I couldn’t just go and buy another magic carpet here in France. She was not happy and told me I would have to work and save my money.”

“Gigi and I went to the restaurant where we had been working, and would you believe they had hired someone – a human person – to do our jobs. But, they said, the person didn’t get the dishes nearly as clean as we did, so we could have our jobs back. We told them we’d only accept our jobs back if they would hire Tye, too!”

“Seriously?!” Lu exclaimed.

“Yep,” answered Xe. “She needed air fare too, you know. Our great friend Gigi even said she would give us half her wages to help us get home. She was enjoying her dish licking, er, washing job so much, she didn’t care if she got the money or not. Sometimes we switched out and I got to wash the dishes.”

“So that explains why you missed Thanksgiving and Christmas with us,” mused Lu. “I really missed you, even if it meant I got all the special treats. It looks like you got a few treats of your own, though.”

“The job had perks. Anyhoo, we realized that no matter how much food we spilled and had to clean up and no matter how many dishes had to be ‘washed’ it was going to take us ’til this time next year to save enough for plane tickets. After all, we had our daily expenses, too.”

“Like what, Xe” asked Lu. “I’ve never had to pay expenses.”

“There was the room and board, for one,” replied Xe. “Then my hosts fell in love with me and wanted to adopt me.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Lu. “What about our Mom and Dad?”

“I figured Mommy and Daddy could be my American pawrents, and I could have a Maman and Papa in France. Anyhoo, when they told me that, I got so excited I wet the floor and yelled out, ‘lit et nourriture gratuits!’ That means free bed and food, for those of you Lucy who don’t speak French like me. At that, my almost Maman and Papa looked at each other and said maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

“So me and Tye, we figured we better find a second job. Gigi suggested we all go apply for work at Disneyland, Paris. Missy, being a mouse, was a shoe-in for Mickey. When no management was around, she would take off her beret and hold it out for folks to drop money in it. You wouldn’t believe how much she raked in every day like that, on top of her salary.”

“Did you know Tye can sing, Lu? She got a job as a character from Frozen. Man, can she meow out a song!”

“The crowds loved her and threw flowers and sardines to her at the end of every performance.”

“What about you, Xe? What job did you get at Disneyland Paris?”

“I got my dream job.”

“I was put in charge of the Character Dining Kitchen as Goofy!”

“Being Goofy was your dream job?”

“No, Lu. Being in charge of the kitchen! OMD, I could have done that forever! I had to taste everything that was made to be sure it was right. The customers kept giving me their scraps, and I learned to catch better. And you wouldn’t believe how much food those people left on their plates when they were done! OMD, OMD, OMD!”

“It must have been hard coming home after all that,” Lu said softly, hanging her head.

“Not at all,” said Xe. “I’m back with my sister, my best friend (besides Gigi and Tye.) Me and Mommy have to work hard to get ready for my Level 3 Freestyle Trial in the middle of May, but there’s still time for you and me to to do what we do best.”

“I love you Daddy. Did you miss me? I’m Goofy in the kitchen.”

“Yes my dear girl, you certainly are,” Daddy answered with a funny little smile. “It’s good to have you home.”

The End

23 thoughts on “Xena’s Story: The Wanderers Go Home

  1. the perfect photo at the end. LOVE IT… all 3 of you look soooooo happy…. I would pay to see Missy the Mouse and would love to eat in your kitchen, I like TN accent and I like French accent so either one is good for me. I also love GA and KY accent and Irish and Scot….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point, Kosmo. Well, you see, in my story I wrote, I didn’t have all you wonderful friends (yet). I had my sissie Lu and my best friends Tye and Gigi. And we were all stuck in Paris together (except Lu, and she didn’t have any money). Maybe that explains it. Gotta keep the made-up story separate from reality you know. But thank you. Now I know who I can ask for help! XOX Xena

      Liked by 1 person

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