Xena the Allergic-holic on Wordless Wednesday

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Lucy: I know you’ve got a lot to say today, but try to keep it short. It’s supposed to be Wordless.

Xena: It’s my turn for Wordless Wednesday and I’ll do what I want, Lucy. Stop bossing me around. When have you ever seen me respond to anyone telling me to be quiet? I’m a schnauzer for goodness sake. What do folks expect? Besides, I have a confession to make…

Hi, I’m Xena and I’m an allergic-holic.

In the past, I’ve taken benadryl until I became Zombie Dog. Mommy thought I’d become a boring old lady at three years old, not realizing she’d been sedating me for several months!
I’ve been tested at an allergist for dogs (you can read about that here and see the picture below).

Mommy gave me my special sea rum allergy shots from the allergist every week for two years. I didn’t mind. I always got a good treat before and after the shot. Here I want to give a shout-out to my breeder, Granny, for paying for it all!

Then, when Mommy questioned why the sea rum shots weren’t working, the allergist fired us (you can read about that here).

I’ve taken Zyrtec, and that doesn’t help much. Lavender EO doesn’t help. Sea Beady oil doesn’t help.

You might wonder why Mommy doesn’t get me “allergy” shots, which are steroids. Her first schnauzer, Freda, had allergies and the vet gave her lots of those shots. Mommy didn’t know steroid shots can cause Cushing’s Disease until Freda got it. The vet knew that could happen but didn’t say anything before giving them. Mommy says she believes in something called “informed consent.” If that’s true, I don’t know why she doesn’t ask for my consent when she informs me that I’m going to get a bath.

Then there’s the new “miracle drug” for allergies. It’s called Apoquel. My ex-allergy dogtor said to never, ever use it. Everyone loves it because it hides the allergies so well that the pup doesn’t seem to be suffering from them anymore. But like in *Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the allergies come back with a vengeance, many times worse than before the sly Apoquel.

I’ve been on a raw diet to help keep my gut healthy ever since I adopted Mommy and Daddy. A healthy gut means I shouldn’t be an allergic-holic. More changes had to be made. Now I’m only getting organic, grass-fed meat and organic veggies and no chicken or pork, but I’m still getting organic, free-range, grain-free eggs and egg shells. Maybe I shouldn’t be…we don’t know. And now, while it’s still only February, I’ve scratched another sore place under my ear. I guess I’m just addicted to allergies…

Mommy hasn’t given up being my AA (Allergies Anonymous) group leader. We’re trying something new: tumeric paste. It’s yummy and it stains Mommy’s fingers and counter tops and sink yellow. She doesn’t care about that if it helps. I get 1/4 teaspoon spread out several times a day because it doesn’t stay in my system long. She just found out she can also put it on my ouchie under my ear. It’s safe for me, and I like it, so we’re going to give it some time to help. (I hope Lucy doesn’t lick it off my ouchie.)

While “researching” tumeric, we also found out it’s supposed to help with lots of other conditions, too.

  • Can help with weight management
  • Kills parasites such as fleas and ticks
  • Can elevate mood and treat depression
  • Relieves allergies
  • Alleviate joint pain
  • Remedy for diarrhea due to it being a binding agent
  • Prevents cataracts
  • Can help treat epilepsy
  • High in fiber, vitamins, and minerals
  • Clinical trial shows that curcumin helps aid in Alzheimer Disease

So we want to share this information with you. The article also tells us how to make a paste (it’s easy) and how to use it and lots more.

Live long and prosper,*
Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, the recovering Allergic-holic

* We’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately.

38 thoughts on “Xena the Allergic-holic on Wordless Wednesday

  1. EEEKKK yore Allergeess are beein so meen to you Xena. Wee toetallee hope THE Tumerick werkss fore you!
    Ladyme told mee ‘angel’ Unkelll Siddhartha Henry was on Appyquell fore a short time an it made him werser?!?! At leest THE Vet lissened to her an tooked Unkell off meddycin an they treid sumthin else.
    LadyMew sayss shee reememburrss when Meowmy Amy gotted told to not go back to Vet. She an LadyMew have ALOT inn common!!
    Wee DUE hope yore allergee can bee brott udner control an no more itchin an scratchin!
    An hopefully Lucy doess NOT think yore a tasty snack an lick you 😉
    ***purrss*** an POTP BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

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  2. OMGoodness, X. Those allergies can really get uncomfortable. We hope the Turmeric helps. Steroids are awesome – till they try to kill you. Mom used to use lots of Turmeric in her cooking to help her RA. She noticed her teeth turning dull. The dental hygienist told her that Turmeric stains your teeth. Now she takes the capsules and doesn’t cook with it at all. Good luck, fren.

    Love and licks,

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  3. I sure hope that you get those allergies under control. Our pups have them, and they respond really well to claritin but perhaps your allergies are too bad for that to work. Feel better!

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  4. Xena, allergies are NOT fun! But your human is taking great care of you! We are lucky that none of us animals is allergic. But our humans are…Not Fun! As for vets, Mom has fired a couple of them over the years. (including the people vets). We would like to hear how the turmeric works out for you. Awesome post, thanks for sharing! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

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    1. I’m workin’ on it, Miss Ruby. I’m also on Pet Parent’ Immune and allergy supplements for digestive and immune health. They are tasty treats! One of Mommy’s grooming clients told her that her dog lost all her hair from allergies until she started taking this and it’s all back now.


    1. My Daddy was an allergic-holic too, but he got shots for years and watches what he eats and soaps and all that stuff like you and now he is OK unless he “does something stupid.” XOX Xena


  5. You know that you are doing the right thing when a doctor fires you. They don’t like being questioned and I like to ask questions. My personal doctor did it to me.She said that we were not a good fit. SO TRUE.

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    1. BOL! Mommy had a doctor fire her, too (her woman parts doctor). Now my allergy dogtor. You’re right about most of them not liking being questioned. That’s why we love my vet dogtor Karen. She is open to all Mommy’s questions and ideas. XOX Xena

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  6. Our Angel Little Bit was allergic to so many things too and she had huge acne like spots all over her belly. She itched and itches. She was on shots for about six years and all the spots went away and she did well. I didn’t know about all these side effects though. Thank you for all this information.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Scritches to the bosses. ♥

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  7. Hari OM
    That reminds me I need to do my biennial viewing of the whole ST listing…But I am so sorry about your allergies, Xe. As a hyoomon who is also highly sensitive to lots of things – but not the things you’d expect – I totally sympawthighs. Way back in the middle of last century (yes I’m ancient) because of asthma, my mama took me to a local hospital where I was part of a new trial… and I had a skin patch test like yours for 21 established allergens. This was the early early days of allergy testing and then the two year innoculation thing (my left arm is still larger than the right due to all those needles!!!) I still have asthma. hugs and wag,s YAM-aunty xxx

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  8. i hope someone doesn’t think you are good to EAT smelling like spices… I read up on Tumeric last year and found all the things it is good for, i bought it and there it sits, never touched. thanks for reminding me it is there. I hope it works well and quickly.. sorry about your ouchie.

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  9. Xena, I’m sorry you are still having a hard time with those pesky allergies. If anyone can figure out how to make them go away it’s your mom. Thank your mom for the information on Turmeric I hadn’t heard of that before and will take a closer look at it.

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