Purrsuit of Flavors – Instant Pot Chili

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

Lucy: We were thinking about what recipe we could help Mom post, and the weather was so nice that we sat outside with her at lunchtime.

Xena: Mommy and Daddy had their lunch. We just got some measly snacks.

Lucy: Right. Anyhow, they were eating chili even though it was warm, so we thought, hmm, Mom made this all in one pot, and there is a sort of a sauce in it, so why not!? (We know this because we watch her cook. You never know when something’s gonna hit the floor or get tossed your way.)

Our friend John, who comes every Sunday to help Dad with the Zoom service for the church, gave us this recipe. We sure miss him. He got awful, awful sick with that awful flu thing and has been in the hospital for a month. We put our paws together a lot for him. No one knew if he was gonna live, but he’s finally off the respirator and getting ready to go home. We hope he comes back to our house and pets us some more. Umm, I mean,and helps Dad on Sundays.

We’re sad Mr. John got so sick. But he’s gonna be ok.

The recipe is called Kim’s Kickin’ Chili and this is an honest to goodness picture of it in Mom’s bowl. (We wish it was in our bowls… mmm)

That’s sour cream and guacamola on top. And there’s 100% grass-fed ground beef and four different kinds of beans in it, along with tomatoes cooked in the instant pot and 2 cans of chili tomatoes. The beans were cooked in the instant pot, too! We think our Mom is in love with her new instant pot!

Xena: We coudn’t come up with a one pan recipe with sauce for me and Lucy, so we’re going to pass on ours until next month. We’ll have an Easter treat recipe for all our four-legged friends.

Love, wiggles and licks from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

XOX Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

29 thoughts on “Purrsuit of Flavors – Instant Pot Chili

  1. Lulu: “Our Dada says he loves chili and we have plenty of dried beans, so I have a feeling we might be trying this recipe. And by ‘we’ I mean the humans, because I know we animals won’t get any.”
    Chaplin: “Well, to be fair, from what we’ve heard about Tucker, giving beans to a dog could well have asphyxiated everyone in the house …”

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  2. We are hoping your friend is feeling better soon!! That chili looks amazing! I make something similar either on top of the stove or in my crock pot. Believe it or not, I’m TERRIFIED of my Instant Pot! Have had it nearly two years and have yet to use it! BOL!!

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    1. OH no! It’s a bit intimidating at first, but it’s actually really easy and it’s not a biter. (reference to some cats I’ve groomed, as well as a few shih tzus) I love that I’ve figured out how to do one pot meals with it and save the mess of a lot of dirty potss and pans.


  3. this might just be my most favrite photo of the two of you together. Xena you are a perfect fit under Lucy’s tummy. just love it… sorry you had no chili..

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    1. Us too. But we did get a little goat cheese. Sometimes I, Xena, just run under Lucy to get to where I’m going. It’s faster than running around her and I am usually in a hurry. XOX Xena


  4. That sure looks yummy! Since we do Paleo or Keto, we don’t eat legumes, but maybe…just maybe we need a cheat day. BOL!

    Glad your friend is getting better.For some its a really long arduous haul. We’ll woof and send our wags and wiggles his way. And prayers.

    No sitting outside around here…yet. There is still ice on the patio! At least the sun was shing beautifully, so we had inside sunpuddles to bask in:)

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    1. The only way our peeps will eat beans and some other foods is if they are pressure cooked in Mom’s Instant Pot. (Dad says it’s his too, BOL!) That destroys the bad things in it called “lectins,” so that it doesn’t hurt their guts. We don’t get “lectins” any more either, and we think that might be helping Xe with her allergies — along with getting a tumeric paste on her meat every morning.


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