Xena’s Thankful Thursday

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Hi there friends. I wanna start by saying sometimes it may seem to you like I’m just a needy, snarky little schnauzer. OK, so sometimes I am. I can give that snarky “look” with the best of them. And I can be relentless in jumping up and down on my hind legs for what seems like the zillionth time in a day for Mommy or Daddy to pick me up and “baby hold” me (or to let me see what’s on the table or counter top or cooking on the stove).

But none of that stops me from being really thankful for what a great life I have. For instance, I am super-duper, over-the-moon thankful that big ol’ Riley hasn’t bitten my head off. I know he could, and I know he would like to sometimes, but he respects the rules, and one of them is No Biting off the Schnauzer’s Head.

This is one of our rare sniff and touch nose moments. That’s Lucy in the background wanting us to quit bonding and play with her.

This next picture is of me as a puppy, wearing that gawd-awful red plaid whatever-you-call-it.

I was only about six months old here.

I saw Mommy put it up for sale on the Nextdoor app. I am so very thankful that
1. It doesn’t fit me anymore, and
2. Mommy’g getting rid of it. No one’s bought it yet, and I can understand why. But it is still out of my life forever.

I am thankful for my very best friend, my sister Lucy. She’s the best sister in the whole world. She understands me, and that takes a lot for a bully breed to understand a terrier breed. But she’s super good at it and never ever gets mad at me for acting like, well, acting like a little sister, I guess. She plays with me and hangs out with me and eats and barks and runs with me, and all that good stuff. We get a bit jealous of each other once in a while, but our folks always make sure we both get lots of attention and the same amount of treats.

I’m thankful for a lot of other stuff too, but I think this is enough for today. There will be more Thankful Thursdays…

I am the blessed Xena Schnazuer Warrior Princess

38 thoughts on “Xena’s Thankful Thursday

  1. That is a FABulous Thankful list Xena!!! YOu are sure one lucky puppers!! I thinks you look cute in that ‘whatever’ dress, butts I gets it…I don’t likes clothes eithers! BOL!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I am thankful Riley doesn’t bite your head off too…..😁

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  2. That sure ISS alot to be thanx full fore Xena!
    Mee iss thanx full that you an Lucy an mee are such guud frendss! An mee iss thanx full that mee has LadyMew to take guud care of mee.
    An mee LIKESS yore red plaid jackit….
    Mee betss ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha wuud have **swooned** seein you inn that outfit!
    LadyMew sayss you looked ADORBSS! (what efurr that meenss??)
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((Huggiess)) LadyMew

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        1. No! We didn’t know that! Kosmo the cat from faraway Finland has a terrible crush on Lucy, but she’s with Achilles in the furs, and she really didn’t want to do inter-species dating. No offense. XOX Xena

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          1. Wee thott Kosmo had a BUG crushie on Lucy…no offence taken…
            Plus Lucy an Achilless make an adoorabell cuppull ❤ ❤
            Mee sorta has a crushie on a sirtain poochie doggie… Stormin Norman from Tailss 'Round THE Ranch. Butt SPIKE THE SCottish Cat iss mee sweet an wunderfull man cat 😉

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  3. I am joining you in your thankful because looking at the two of you together made my eyes tear up. by the time I got to the one of the two of you in sit position in the grass i could hardly see the screen. you are perfect together and I love knowing you love each other so much… thanks for the mental picture of you bouncing on your legs to get picked up. still smiling

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