Stuffie Support Group

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

Shania: After meeting Lambie, and asking her for help with our tormentor, she came up with this suggestion.

What do you think, Lambie from up high? Can you help us?

We, the stuffies of Xena, have formed a support group. At one time or another, every stuffie in this post has been a victim of domestic violence. For fear of retribution, we will not name him, the perpetrator. All we will say is that he is huge and red and has lived here on and off for the past ten years. We hope by us speaking out, he will be encouraged to seek help for his violent nature against stuffies.

We have provided a forum today for our abused stuffies to speak out against the violence perpetrated on them.

#1 My name is Eleephant, and I am a victim of Stuffie Domestic Violence. I have lost my left ear and the tip of my trunk. Because of this my hearing and sense of smell have been impaired. My tail is missing, which sometimes affects my balance.

#2 My name is Oscar, and I am a victim of Stuffie Domestic Violence. I lost my nose, and now I can’t taste my food. My beard is permanently messed up, and my eyes are scratched, making it difficult to see “him” coming.

#3 My name is Ludwig, and I am the victim of Schnauzer stuffie love that turned violent. I bear the scars on my right side to remind me how much X loves me.

#4 I am Brownie Bear, and I am the victim of Stuffie Domestic Violence. I lost my nose, and I can’t smell anything. My berries no longer taste sweet. My eyes are scratched, and the distortions make me dizzy.

#5 I am Lexi’s bear. I am a long-time survivor of Stuffie Domestic Violence. I had a happy and peaceful life up until around 2009 when a large puppy – who has grown into a large dog – came to live with us.

Lexi always called him Dufus, although I don’t think that is really his name. My dear friend was helpless to protect me against multiple assaults. I lost both my ears and rely upon sign language. My right leg carries a permanent scar, and my left arm is missing. I had several surgeries and am fortunate to still be here. Rainbow Bear and several other stuffies have sworn to protect me, but there is only so much they can do against Giant Dufus. If their protection fails, I will simply lay down and go to be with Angel Lexi.

#6 I am Winter Bear and I am a survivor of Stuffie Domestic Violence. You can see that my right ear is mostly missing. Even though I like to stay awake and active with Xena and my other friends all winter, sometimes it’s just too much to keep avoiding the Big Dog and I go to hibernate with the other bears.

This is terrible! I knew there had been violence in this house, but not to what extent. I, Xena, pledge to do a better job of protecting you all.

I didn’t mean to hurt you, Ludwig. I got a bit carried away.
Oscar, thank you for not naming me, but we both know who chewed off your nose. I’m sorry.
From now on, if I see He Who Shall Not Be Named coming after any of you, I will get Mommy to help you.

Stuffies: We invite any stuffie out there with issues they need help with to join our Stuffie Support Group. Together, we can be stronger and raise awareness that stuffies have feelings, too.

29 thoughts on “Stuffie Support Group

  1. Mee-yow wow grate post….
    Can mee meow you a seecret Xena? Mee deestroyed Rizzo THE Rat….mee furinally beeheaded him an mee tore hiss legss open an his stuffin came out an teeny white plastic pelletss….
    LadyMew did not meow a werd to mee when shee found what was left of Rizzo next mornin. An shee did not take a foto.
    Rizzo was ‘laid to rest’ inn a special while cloth an went to a Cemmytary fore Stuffies…not sure where that iss…mee did not ask; mee did not want to upset LadyMew any further…..
    Shee DID buy mee a mew stuffie Kyra Hedgewick THE Hedgehog…mee hopess to blog ’bout her this weekend…..
    Mee iss so sorry mee dedded Rizzo…can you furgive mee?
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~ yore notty kittyfrend BellaDharma~~

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  2. Ha!! this was fabulous!!! We had sooo many stuffies that used to be Dakota’s…….Levi has abused (and killed) each and every one of them………they have long been buried so they can no longer speak for themselves 😦

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  3. My grand dog George has an affinity to destroy his stuffies. I fixed three over the last week and his dinosaur made it home and was destroyed again. I told my daughter that the next time I fixed it, it would be minus his extended neck. They are extinct. I have been using dental floss to fix them. I will be trying fishing line next time.

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  4. Oh man, your stuffies and ours stuffies obviously can share some real horror stories. Our abuser is the Ninja. Norman has (so far) been a proper British gentlemen with the stuffies. Guess some dogs just ‘love’ their toys more than others.

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  5. Awww and this post made me chuckle. Our Angel Little Bit was hard on stuffies. She would shake them until the stuffing came out. We never got her any help though.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. My best to your mom. ♥

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  6. we have zero stuffies, Big Boy despised stuffies and so does Beau… although it could be da mama here is cheap and if they are destroyed she doesn’t buy more.. maybe mama needs a support group for cheap people

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    1. BOL! You and our Mama could start that one. She says we are her only splurge. She says “Nothing is too good for my babies, but can I find it cheaper elsewhere,” BOL! Lucy and Xena


  7. We have dozens it seems that need to join up with your group! Mostly the shaggy goofus has been the perpetrator, but sometimes its the smoothie with that pointy schnooter that torments us…some of us have had to go to stuffie heaven…Oh,, my we could write a whole book about stuffie abuse!

    There are a couple of us that suffered under MJF’s endeavors, but the hooligans are not allowed to even look at those! And Angel Minko did a number on a few too…but sadly they also joined the others that had to go to stuffie heaven.

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