In Purrsuit of Flavours – Mom and Xena’s Choices

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

Mom’s favorite childhood treat is really funny. It’s not food at all. It’s a drink. And she got it every day! The recipe is easy. Walk to the corner grocery. Insert a dime into the machine outside the store. Pop the cap and drink.

Actually Mom liked hers unfizzy, so she popped the cap and let it sit around for a few hours before drinking.

This is Xena, and it’s my turn for my favorite food. It’s easy, just like Mommy’s. Get someone to go to the store and buy an apple. Then have that someone cut it in pieces and give it to you.

Lucy: *shaking head* Dear friends, maybe you should go visit some of the other posts if you want a good recipe.

28 thoughts on “In Purrsuit of Flavours – Mom and Xena’s Choices

  1. MJF loved apples, but strangely not us??! We do like carrots and some crunchy veggies.
    Petcretary is not a soda drinker, at all, but when she was little. gingerale plain or with a fruity syrup added was a big treat!
    She is allergic to colas…and to the dyes in some of the others…but its no loss to her as she wasn’t big on them…though sprite with ice cream was yummy when she felt hot…

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    1. So glad you commented….I’ve stopped getting notifications of your blogs. I’ve “re-upped” and hope to start getting emails again to remind me to drop over and see what’s happening!


      1. Thank you so much for “re-upping”. Technology is great when it works. I’m sorry you stopped getting the notifications. Let me know if you don’t get the notifications and I’ll do some checking.

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    1. Blueberries…mmmm. That’s my training treat. And me and Lucy eat the raspberries off the vines that sneak in through our chain link fence. Lucy gets the ones up high and I get the ones down low – teamwork!


  2. Mew mew mew this werkss fore us Xena an Lucy an Miss Amy!
    LadyMew’ss faverite yourhfull food was THE Nutty Buddy cone…..shee said her Zaida used to take her to corner shop an buy her one efurry week…..they costed a hole 5 CENTSS! Can youss’ beeleeve it??
    Now they are $2.65 an not as good shee sayss!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ :LadyMew

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    1. Oooo, Mommy says she remembers the Nutty Buddy cone, and it ws soooooo good. We don’t know if a lot of things don’t taste the same, or if tasters change as peeps get older. It’s sorta like when Mom or Dad watch a really old TV show they loved (like The Munsters) and now think it is really awful, BOL!

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      1. LadyMew sayss THE Nutty Buddy still tastess purrty much THE same butt it costss so much an seemss smaller…now shee iss cravin one, mew mew mew….
        An shee allso told mee her tastey budss have changed an her love of Aspairaguss has gone….shee used to it alot of it; now shee sayss it tastess like dirty sockss…
        Mee was goin to ask her how many dirty sockss shee has eaten beefore butt mee thott bettur of that! 😉
        **purrss** BellaDharma

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  3. oooh that is a good thing… it was a ritual to get a drink after school… we preferred Fanta… and then we had a challenge with burping songs and the other kids had to guess which one… (holy god can not believe today that we actually did that lol)

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