Lucy’s Wordless Wednesday

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I am going to break the rules. Y’all know I am a rule-follower, so this is important.
I am so worried about my buddy Riley. He had to go to the doggie ophthamologist (thanks for helping me spell that, Mom) yesterday for surgery on his right eye. It wasn’t getting any better; in fact, the ulcer was getting bigger and deeper. We found that out on Monday when Mom took him in for a recheck. The special dogtor did something that is hard for me to explain. It was something like cutting a super thin layer of skin off the inside of his eyelid with a bunch of little veins and laying it all across the ulcer like a spiderweb to bring more blood and healing to the ulcer and I don’t know what else. Now his eye is partly sewn shut to protect it while it tries to get better. The eye dogtor is sending stuff from his eye away somewhere for a culture so he can be sure he’s using the right antibiotic to help it be OK.

Riley will still have to wear that big cone around his neck. I do kinda laugh inside when I remember this past Sunday. Riley made it his mission to try to knock all our peeps down at least once by ramming them with his cone. It would have worked on Mom, too, if she hadn’t been standing by the sink and been able to fall across it to save herself. Xena even stuck her head inside that cone to come snout to snout with him and ask him what the dog he thought he was doing! When he looked her in the eyes and said, “You’re next,” she pulled out and retreated like any smart dog or person would do.

Mom says she is half sick with worry over Riley. I can sense that she is emotionally exhausted. So, I want to close with a picture of Riley before this all started with his eyes…


…and ask you to please help me keep “seeing” him like this. I think maybe that will help him get better. POTP and prayers are welcome.

Love, Lucy

37 thoughts on “Lucy’s Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh Riley. I had a pup who went through this a long time ago. I am sending you the strongest POTP that you can imagine. Get better, my friend.


    1. We know about your Black Dog, KB. And we remember he was still happy and a joy to everyone even with one eye. Today Riley is keeping his eye open and is eating good and in a happy mood. Mommy feels much better about everything. XeXe


  2. We are keeping Riley in our prayers. You all are doing a good job being taker carers of him. Oh and please give him a cuddle from our My Margret and a hug to you mom.~ Belle, Bessie and Bea Pups

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  3. I’m so glad Riley has such a good dogtor looking out for him! Cricket wants him to know that the cone can be used to intensify the outdoor smells if you press it down on a section of the grass. She did many scientific experiments with her cone and also used it to block the other dog from her dinner.

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  4. Tons of prayers coming your way. I hope this procedure works.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Healing scritches and a hug to mom. ♥

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  5. POTP coming your way and losts of air hugs and love, my poor sweet Riley, I hope this works and works quicky and I would be worried sick like Mama

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    1. The special dogter said a couple of more days and I would have lost my eye. That’s stupid. How can a dog lose their eye. My bone, my ball, yes. But they’re not attached to me! Riley


  6. Oh, Riley. We do sincerely hope and pray that your eye will heal.
    We want you to be a happy doggy and no more pain and infection in your eye.

    Can you please try and be gentle with that cone?? We know its so annoying to you but you don’t want to hurt your eye, either. Thanks!!

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    1. I will try, my bogging friends. I’ve already heard talk of the “donut” being put inside the cone to try to stop me from rubbing my eye on the inside of the cone. Grrr. XOX Riley


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