Is It Before the End of the Month?

Lucy: Hey Xena, whatcha doing? Are you hunting lizards again?

Xena: Nope. Didn’t you hear what brother Andrew said?

While we were all gone, there was a giant anaconda in our yard. It was wrapped the whole way around the shed. I’m trying to find it.

Lucy: Xena, dear sister of mine, there are no anacondas in Tennessee. And the snake was wrapped around the 3 foot section of door under the shed, which means it was at least 6 feet long. He thought it might have been waiting for a rodent.

Xena: OK. smarty pants, so he said it looked like a copper head. That just doesn’t sound scary enough for a good story. He thought it might have been hunting rodents like I do. He used his hands to show us how big around it was, and I’m sure a can of peas would have fit. It was that big around! (OK, so maybe it was as scary as an anaconda.) He also said he ran screaming like a girl back to the house.

And you know what else? He ran around to the front of the house and the other bush out there where I hunt lizards was shaking and making groaning noises. Seriously! That’s what he said! I’m not making it up. And we all know it wasn’t me in that bush because I was in Ohio getting my Freestyle title with Mommy and Daddy.

Now, I’ve got something really important to ask you, Lucy.

Lucy: No, I haven’t heard the refrigerator open lately.

Xena: No, no, this is about when something is. Daddy said he would have my Freestyle video ready before the end of the month. Is it before the end of the month yet?

Lucy: Uh, it’s not the end of the month yet.

Xena: That’s not what I asked. I don’t know when Before the end of the month is. Does that mean the same thing as today?

Yes, I think that’s right.

Then it’s ready! Hurray!

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, it’s Before the end of the month. That’s the day Daddy promised to have my Freestyle video done. Go get my video from Daddy! Please! Please! Please!

(Mommy under her breath) Oh boy, how do I even begin to explain this one to her.

23 thoughts on “Is It Before the End of the Month?

  1. Mew mew mew Xena it mite bee a few more dayss beefore yore video iss reedy. There iss 7 dayss left an then end of month. Mee cross mee pawss that you get yore video beefore THE 31st….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  2. Yuck, snakes!! Any size of snake freaks mom out. Shoko and I have never seen a snake. They don’t live around here. I don’t know why this is cause it’s just as cold in Ontario and they have snakes.


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  3. Xena we have 5 foot long black snakes here, but no anaconda or copperheads. YAY for that. yes, it is before the end of the month and we want to know where that video is also…

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  4. All snakes are huge when they are scary! Or are just snakes. I try not to react in silly ways when I come across them, but I just thank goodness if no one’s around to witness my reactions! If your pup came to great me with a snake in the mouth…! A copperhead would rate as very scary to me.

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      1. Excellent suggestion! I made peace with garter snakes in my garden because I learned they eat slugs and grasshoppers.

        Funny story: Early into the path (paved with asphalt) to sites where fossils are found at the Agate Springs National Monument there is a sign warning of rattlesnakes. Insects are attracted to the edges of the path, birds are attracted to the insects, and snakes are attracted to the warmth of the asphalt and the easy prey. That noted, the first time I walked that path, just steps past the rattlesnake warning sign, a snake appeared out of the side of the path! I freaked out…then I realized it was a bullsnake, but not till after it was all the way on the path. It was much bigger than prairie rattlesnakes grow, but before it merged, it hissed like a rattlesnake, something rattlesnakes do, too. Incidentally, they eat rodents, as well, some of which might forage seeds along the path or live in holes nearby.

        Subsequent visits to the monument, the same snake appeared at the same place, and my reaction (involuntary!) was the same as the first encounter even though I knew it lived just beyond the warning sign!

        In my defense, I was birding at a rest stop south of my town once and a rattlesnake struck at the heel of my boot. I do get a little antsy in or near tall grass!

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          1. They say not to make any quick moves when you do. When I had mine, when I looked down after the strike on my boot, I couldn’t move if I wanted to! I definitely was paralyzed with fear.

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