The Alleged Snake on Awww Monday

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays and hoping even snakes qualify as awws, BOL.

Xena: So Lucy, remember that snake I barked at in our dog lot last summer? Or maybe it was two summers ago. I’ve lost track of time since we’ve all been home together for over a year. But do you remember?

Lucy: Sorta. You stood there barking until Mom took a look and told you to leave it alone. Are you trying to say the snake we all saw last night – and that brother Andrew saw over the weekend – is the same one that you saw one or two summers ago?

Xena: I think so. It’s grown, too! And it held perfectly still just like when I barked at it in the dog lot. I think Andrew eggzagerated when he showed us how big around it was!

Daddy was quick and got a picture. Him and Mommy got up pretty close to it for a good look-see and declared it safe, just like Mommy used to do when her boys were little. Andrew stayed down in the driveway. Mommy says him and his big brother Adam used to play with snakes when they were kids. They would bring them in the house and play with them on the kitchen counter until it was time for their dad – not our dad, they had a different dad back then – to come home from work. He was scared of snakes, so they had to take the snakes back to where they found them and let them go. Nothing ever got mentioned that snakes had been in the house playing with the kids.

Lucy: I don’t think this one’s coming in. It’s gotta be about eight feet long. I think it’s got it’s own home under the shed, and maybe some babies of it’s own, too. Mom and Dad both said it’s a garter snake. It’ll eat the rodents and some of the bugs and lizards around here.

Xena: No! I don’t want it to eat my lizards! They’re my lizards. We play the hunt game together every day.

They’re MY lizards, now! Hissssssssss.

44 thoughts on “The Alleged Snake on Awww Monday

  1. That is a handsome snake!! I was thinking it looks like a black racer, judging by the shininess of it and the long length. We have a lot of garter snakes haere and a few other kinds…they are all fine to have here, but the dogs torment them…If I can I recue them and make them go to the other side of the fence.

    (I was too late for a small coon tonight…Dalton, the smaller timid one…killed it outright! Poor little rascal…)

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  2. Oh, we needs her here!!! We gots roof rats that I can’t gets to, and the kittehs seem to not catch, so this beauty should do the trick! Luckily, Ma isn’t afraid of snakes (just spiders, which btw, we gots WAY too many of….wanna trade???? BOL!!!), so she will be welcome here! oh, and tells her we gots lots of lizards too 😉
    Ruby ♥

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  3. WoW! our Garter Snakes are little compared to that one! I think the biggest we have seen is about a foot long…but in the summer we do have to watch out for Rattle Snakes. We don’t see them in the village but you can see them on the river walk in late summer. We think we would let that snake have the lizards Xena.

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  4. Oh my I thought it was a King Snake cuz it’s soooo big! But when I looked up King Snakes I had forgotten that they have stripes! I did not realize Garter snakes could get soooo big!

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  5. That’s a huge snake and it does good thing to keep the rodents away, but I don’t want them to eat the lizards either. We love our lizards here.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to you both and my best to your mom. ♥

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  6. yes, it is a safe snake and a really pretty one at that. we let all safe snakes alone and we have a family in all sizes. ours are black snakes and really fast as lightning but harmless. My oldest son at age of 13 loved all the things snakes and frogs. he waned to join the herpetology club at the science center. I took him there to sign him up, they said 15 was the age they had to be. he was at that time 6 feet tall and towered over the leader and the other boys. because of that he leader gave him a chance. i never knew what he would bring home next.

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        1. It lives under our utility shed. And we’re only guessing about the family. It looked frozen, afraid to move, so no one would attack it. Maybe it’s as scared of people (and me) as they (I) are of it.

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