Grooming with Mom on Sunday Selfies: Gus and Millie

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat, reporting to you from just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m not reporting from outside, or watching the groom from outside, it’s just that we don’t actually live in Chattanooga…oh, never mind. I really am starting to sound like Xena.

*Deep breath* Today I introduce to you two new pups coming to Groomer Mom for the first time. They are what’s called litter mates. Xena and I are sisters but we’re not litter mates. I’m sure my savvy readers already know the difference.

BTW (that means By The Way, he, he), Gus and Millie asked if they could be featured on the selfies today, and the only reason I could think of to say no was to not upset Xena. So, Millie and Gus are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Gus and Millie are two four-year-old shih tzus whose groomer just died. As a reporter I’m not supposed to state the obvious or express emotions, but, well…that’s just so sad! After that happened, they were referred to us by Griffin’s mom. If you missed that new groom story, you can catch up here.

This is Gus before his groom.

We are guessing it had been a while since he’d been on a grooming table. He got a longer shave per his mom’s request.

Here Gus is after his groom.

Yep, same dog. We aren’t making this up. Just look at those pretty eyes. Mom tried everything to get his chin beard to look right and it always came back looking fuzzy like this. Maybe next time Groomer Mom will try some hair mousse!

Next up is his sister, Millie. We didn’t get a “before” picture of her, but she was in about the same shape as her brother.

Here’s Millie post groom:

They don’t like to be separated, so they waited together on the table with Groomer Mom very close-by for their ride to come get them.

We’re going to see these sweet pups again in four weeks.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and kisses.

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