Someone Stole my Picture

There’s a picture thief out there, and we wouldn’t have known it if Mommy hadn’t randomly watched a You Tube video, “10 Facts about Miniature Schnauzers.” If you want to see my picture in this video, go to fact #8 where the timer is 5:53.

That person sure didn’t get all her “facts” right. She said we are all brave. Angel Lexi was fearless, and I really try, I really do, but….well. (I really try, I really do.) She also said we are great with kids. Mommy’s first schnauzer, Freda, was good with her peep siblings, but Lexi never liked kids much until she got her role as Toto and found out that the kids almost worshiped her. She was willing to take their adoration (and candy). She ended up being a fantastic therapy dog for the children’s hospital for 10 years. Frankly, I’m scared of kids. (See how that makes 2 of her “facts” totally wrong?)

You want some facts, lady? Here’s some facts.

Fact #1: We love our stuffies. It’s a fact I’ve only hurt one of my stuffies. Someone else hurt the others.

We love our stuffies.

Fact #2: We are dominant. Daddy always lets me dominate him before we cuddle up to go to sleep at night.

We are dominant.

Fact #3: We hate wearing clothes. And harnesses. And anything that restricts our freedom or hides our pretty hair.

We hate wearing clothes.

Fact #4: We love to cuddle.

We like to cuddle.

These are all facts specific to this schnauzer. Your schnauzer may be different. Just like people are all different, right?

Anyhoo, what do you think about someone using other’s pictures without permission on an “informative” video?

I am Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior with a stolen picture.

Pee Ess: If you dont wanna watch that video, this is the picture she stole:

30 thoughts on “Someone Stole my Picture

  1. Sadly stealing images is a problem all over, Xena. You have to be a full time detective sometimes tracking them down and informing them to attribute or stop stealing. I try to put our blog name across photos hoping they won’t want to steal any of ours. It was an interesting YouTube video about Miniature Schnauzers but glad you set the record straight on you!

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  2. I just read your comment further up and don’t blame you and am happy that you wrote to them and threatened them. It’s sad that people do this, but unfortunately it happens ALL of the time. You are right though, THEY SHOULD HAVE ASKED. It’s just not right!! On the other paw, it’s flattering because obviously your baby is adorable and that attracted them. (((hugs)))

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    1. Mommy would have given them permission if they had asked, but They, Did. Not. Ask. Mommy wrote them today threatening to file a copyright protection complaint with You Tube. We’ll see what happens. XOX Xena

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  3. Adorable pictures!
    If someone wants to use them, they should ask first and use them ONLY with permission. That’s the right thing to do, and legally, as soon as you create a visual or written work, you own the copyright. I know photos are taken often on the Internet and the sad thing is, some of the pictures that go around on pinterest and facebook for a long time cannot even be correctly attributed to the originator. That’s a problem. And, I’ve had my pictures taken and used inappropriately.

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  4. We like your facts, X. We agree it is difficult to generalize with dog breeds, just like with people. Mom kind of wishes people would borrow my pictures and then make them go viral. Nuthin’ yet. Oh well.

    Love and licks,

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  5. You can’t make some of those generalizations, not with peeps, not with dogs and for sure not with cats!!

    She/he should have gotten your permission to use your image…its a nice one by the way, Xena!

    Once years ago, some lady wanted to use a pic of our MJF holding an ice cream cone…for her book cover which had nothing to do with dogs, LOL! Since she had asked politely, I gave her permission, and she sent me 3 signed copies of the book.

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  6. Garnet, our 1/2 Schnauzer girl also hates to wear a collar, harness, or anything against her skin. She just wants to be nakies! She thinks we are cruel to require the collar and thinks we punish her when she gets the harness, even if it does mean a walk. So she is in total agreement!

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    1. You would think the reward of the walk would be worth the harness, but Xena still insists she can walk just fine down the road without it. Although she freaks at school buses and garbage trucks that traverse our subdivision! Chia, on the other hand, realized after the first walk that harness=fun walking and hasn’t fought it since!

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      1. Garnet has been slow to embrace leash walking. Everything scared her at first; I’m so relieved that she is getting over that, but still doesn’t like the leash/harness. She will tolerate it to keep from being left behind, though.

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        1. See, even Garnet understands the harness thing! Xena continues to back away, unless I tell her “Back!” at which point she stops, confused, and I slip the harness on her. (She knows that command from doing Freestyle.)

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  7. just like humans, all dogs are different. i think you should be proud to be in a video. just like your rules and her rules, i am seeing each of us humans thinks differently about the stolen picture. I would never use someones picture with out asking, but many do. Since I don;t make a living or sell my photos, it is ok with me . Like if someone wants to do a vdieo of The Best and Most Beauiful dogs, they can borrow Beau ha ha..

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  8. We like all your schnauzer facts. It’s not nice of that person to steal your picture and we think you could complain to YouTube and/or the person that put up that video. At the very least they should give credit to you for using your picture.

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  9. We don’t like picture thieves either. That happened to us once and I tracked down the host of the blog and filed a complaint of copyright violation with the hosting company.

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  10. I believe what you say and what this person says. One has to get used to wearing clothes or harnesses before one likes them. Maybe that pet never will like them. Just like your dancing or walking in contests….one must practice and get good at it. Then they’ll like it. Some pets are snugglers. I am not…occasionally I’ll get close with mom but not often. We show our love by playing.
    Finally, by using your picture this person is saying you are doing something she likes and giving you a wide audience to see how gorgeous you are. It was a very interesting article. She has her opinions and you have yours. I feel it won’t do any harm so why not?


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    1. Well, she coulda asked first…and Angel Lexi hated clothes –no matter how many times she had to wear them — her entire life. See, this DOES prove we’re all different! XOX Xena


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