Xena and Chia Playing

Wednesday, Lucy and Chia got the entire post. Today is my turn. I know at first I was pretty mean to Chia, but you’ve gotta understand, I had to teach her some boundaries and make sure she understands who is in charge. Lately, it’s been said around the house that Chia has brought out the puppy in me again. Well, I guess it’s possible to be a four-year-old puppy, right? However, I am secretly practicing pretend submission in case I ever need it, as well as honing up on my Warrior Schnauzer Princess skills.

Chia: OK, so here’s how we’re gonna play…

Riley: Hmm, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Xena: Bwahahahaha. So you think that you can set down the rules? Bwahahahahahaha.

Xena: That’s right, head over my shoulder, then step to the side. Be sure to cross your legs. This is how you dance.

Chia: I don’t wanna dance. I wanna wrestle! Gotcha! Now I’m gonna flip you on your back.

Xena: *thinking* That’s it. I’m playing dead.

Chia: OMD! Did I kill her? C’mon XeXe, wake up! Please don’t be dead.

Xena: I’m not dead, you fool. But come any closer and I might hurt you.

Chia: Can we play again?

Xena: Sure, let’s play “dance”.

And on it went. For an hour. Or maybe 87 minutes.

26 thoughts on “Xena and Chia Playing

    1. He, he, that’s funny. We habe to stop by and see what’s been going on. We don’t know why we suddenly have not been getting notifications of new posts from y’all and one other friend, too.


    1. She hasn’t learned to catch yet, so I do get extra goodies. Plus, she doesn’t like most of the stuff Mom throws to us, like cauliflower and cabbage and kale…yummy!


  1. 87 minutes of JOY… and excercise toooo… you two are just the right size to play together. made me happy to see these photos. tell your mama I found gluten free muffins in the freezer section, they look like the ones she makes, they are glutena english muffins, kind of like bread/cornbread consistency and I LOVE them. Because she posted the recipe i have found much that i like and am gluten free. yesterday i broke free and ate spagetti noodles, and today the stomache is back

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    1. Mommy is happy you found these muffins that don’t give you a tummy ache. She really misses her spaghetti, too. The rice pasta is just not the same. I wouldn’t know, as I’m not allowed to have any of it. Oh, gotta go now and play with Chia some more. XOX Xena


      1. I use ‘shiritaki’ noodles, grain free, and therefor gluten free…and very low in carbs, too.

        They are made form a plant root called konjac. They come in spaghetti noodles, fettuccine noodles and also in a riced version.
        Walmart sells them in the produce coolers, our grocery store doesn’t have them anymore…but you can get them at health food stores and specialty grocers…maybe online?

        In fact I ate some today…ground bison, mushrooms and onions sauteed together, and some liquid aminos, then I added the noodles. YUM!

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