Lucy the Referee

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday. Thanks, Brian! And I am so thankful for my sisters and brother. Lucy

As you know, I have a career as Zen Dog in Mom’s Grooming Business, and Ace Reporter, mostly reporting on Mom’s grooms. Hmm, this seems to have a pattern to it. I also tried my paw at modeling, but I’m not super crazy about getting my picture done, so that didn’t work out very well. However, I may be adding to my resume the title of Referee.

You’ve watched me play with the new pup, Chia. And you’ve seen Xena play with Chia. These events took a few weeks to happen, but weren’t totally unexpected. What was unexpected is who played with this little pup with no boundaries next. When I saw 11-year-old, almost 80 pound Riley go into the play position with Chia, I thought, uh oh, someone needs to monitor this.

Lucy: No hard biting or squishing or grabbing of personal parts.
Chia: I’m gonna get you!
Riley: Mmm, keep scratching my face with those little teeth. It feels good.
Riley: Are we fighting or kissing?
Lucy: I think Chia’s got this.
Riley: Ow! You’re gonna get it now.
Lucy: Riley, don’t hurt her.
Chia: Get away Lucy! I’ve got this!
Riley: Ya think so?
Lucy: One…two…
Riley: I let you up little dog. Do your worst.
Chia: Why don’t you lay down on your back when I do this?
Lucy: Match over and it’s a tie!

39 thoughts on “Lucy the Referee

  1. We love seeing a fair version of WWF at your house-and you were a great referee! Good job by everyone for not getting too crazy. It’s good to enjoy some wrestling so long as no one reaches threshold. Well done, Lucy! You’re going to receive a hefty raise with all the jobs you have taken on sweet girl.

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  2. Good Job Lucy! I’m the referee at our house and it can be a tough job one you handled very well. Looks like Riley and Chia had a lot of fun! ~ Belle Pup

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  3. help I am smiling and I can’t stop. I miss seeing Dog Play and this was really a good time had by all. Lucy you are great as a referee, and my fav pic today is the are we kissing or fighting. riley you did good big guy playing nice with Chia… looks like the pack of four has bonded.

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    1. Lucy: Thanks Miss Sandra. I may have a new career! XOX
      Riley: I’ve got a bad rep, but I really can play nice. wags
      Chia: We’ve bonded. I won. No, really. We just didn’t want to make the big boy mad. wags, kisses, hops


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