POTP for Chia

Monday after I returned from my trip I gave all the dogs raw, frozen cow hoofs. Chia kept picking up the other dogs’ chewed hooves and scraping and eating parts of them. Since Tuesday she has been vomitting and not having any bowel movements. Oddly, she still seemed happy and active. Yesterday I cooked her chicken and rice, and she ate a little of it in broth. This morning she refused any food and is visibly ill.

I’m taking her to the vet on the way to work this morning, and praying it’s not a blockage. We want our healthy, bouncy, in everyone’s face girl back. I know your prayers, POTP, good thoughts will help. Later today I will let y’all know what happens. One thing for sure – no more cow hooves!


36 thoughts on “POTP for Chia

  1. Sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and healin’ vibes Chia’s way!!!! Read it’s not a blockage, so YAY on that! Maybe she the hoofs kicked her in her arse, and they just aren’t that into her 😉 I am likes that with some treaties and foods. Lots of AireZens comin’ your way, and if you needs an accomplice on the bank robbery, lets me know ~ I DO have a drivers license you knows..BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. On nose!! Pleese get well soon Chia!!! Mee sendss tripell POTP to you an LadyMew iss purrayin her sockss off! (fore reel: her sockss just came off!)
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew
    Pee S: LadyMew an mee have red that soem of thsoe Cow hoofiess can have back-teria inn them what makess Poochiess sick…Pawss crossed not inn Chia'ss case….

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