Chia’s Thankful Thursday

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Hi! Hi! Hi! I’m Chia!! And I get to write in the blog today. Woohoo! Every time I crawl in Mom’s lap and she has this puter thing there, I try to type on it. I use my paws and my nose and I know I could do it by myself if I just had half a chance. Phooey. But I’m here to be thankful today, and I am! I am thankful for my big sissie Lucy!!

Lucy plays with me and she lays with me and she tells me I am her own, woo, woo, woo…well, maybe not that last coupla parts. OK, here’s some pictures to prove it’s true.

I lay real close to Lucy in the big bed unless, of course, I have burrowed under the covers.

I’ve learned to lay on the pillow like a princess from my other, mean sister, Xena. (She chews bones I should have and won’t back down to me.) It’s best to lay like this when I have a pillow under me and Lucy to lean against.

Sometimes the pillow gets knocked on the floor and Lucy lays at that end of the couch. That’s when I just curl up with her like this. She makes a pretty good pillow, and I can even hear her heart beating. Or is that her tummy making noises?

Anhoo, I think I could write the Thankful Thursday every week!!

Xena: NO!

Chia: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

28 thoughts on “Chia’s Thankful Thursday

  1. Chaplin: “Awww! It’s great to have a snuggle buddy! I used to snuggle with Dennis all the time, and I used to snuggle with Charlee, too, but we don’t do that too much anymore. I’m not sure why not.”
    Charlee: “As I’ve told you before, Chaplin, it’s because YOU WERE A JERK TO ME WHEN WE WERE TEENAGERS!”
    Chaplin: “Yep, it’s a mystery all right …”

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  2. Chia wee iss thanxfull that you gotted to stay with Miss Amy an Mistur Jeff an that you an Lucy have bonded an you are there with efurryone.
    You know Xena iss not REELLY meen; shee iss alot like mee~~ a Diva an wuud like to bee pampurred all THE time. Inn time, mee thinkss youss’ will beecome Sisturss an frendss…..
    Yore fotos with Lucy are priceless. Sorta makess mee think mee wuud like a Sistur two…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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  3. What a couple of cuties you are(and Xena is too!). Jakey is the snuggle buddy in our furmily…the one everypuppy can snuggle with, kinda like Lucy….but different!

    Good job posting today Chia(don’t worry Xena she’s not as good as you yet)!
    Sunny and the Gang

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  4. Aw, so adorable the both of you and yes you could do a Thankful Thursday post each week. Be careful, mom may make you do just that.

    Have a woof woof Thankful Thursday. My best to your mom. ♥

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  5. Chia, you are so totally adorable with an A+ and together with Lucy, OMD what a lovable pair you are …
    PS now you just need a kitty cat (like me?) in that pile o’ fur!!!
    (comment by JUNE)

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  6. Lucy already knows that my heart belongs to rescue dogs and looking at the two of you laying together that’s melting my heart into a puddle

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