35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Play

  1. You know Lucy mee herd LadyMew meowin to Miss Nancy her Consellur an they were meowin ’bout LadyMew’ss Pee Tee S Dee….
    Miss Nancy sayss after THE EMDR stuff LadyMew an her did; this feer ree-action shuud not bee there…..butt it iss….
    An LadyMew meowed to mee last nite shee did not meen to set off mee feer when shee freeked out.
    Today wee are tippytoe-inn ’round each other…. πŸ˜‰

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  2. It sounds more like you hit on one of her trauma-induced fears. I have some of those, which is why Mom has had to be quieter and gentler around me. Maybe you could try that with your LadyMew, BellaDharma, and see if it helps. XOX Lucy

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  3. Mee wuud nevurr try yore payshuntss Lucy…
    Butt mee did early this mornin. Mee gotted fed brekkie AFTUR 7 A Em an mee eated an then mee thott it wuud bee fun to pounce LadyMew’ss feet not once butt twice….
    Shee iss scared of clawss an biteysss from when ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha attacked her…3 yeerss ago Aug. 27th. Shee got FURRY angry with mee an hollered an shoe’ed mee away an slammed bedroom door. Mee tried her payshuntss….
    Mee feelss purry bad now 😦

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