In Purrsuit of Flavors Stew by Xena

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

And, despite it being very wordy Xena posting today, we’re also joining Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting!

Hi everyone! Mommy said I’m such a snoopy dog, I might as well post the recipe I found in her old recipe box. I think this recipe would keep us fed for a very long time. I wonder if we could eat it raw. It would be done and ready to eat sooner that way, too. And it doesn’t have any foods I’m allergic to!

Mmm, daydreaming about stew.

Ready for the unique recipe I found in Mommy’s box? Here you are, and if you make it, be sure and let me know how it is. (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of it.)

A note from my Mommy about Riley’s new food:

Shortly after my post about Riley’s new food, a concerned blogging friend emailed to say grain-free dog food has been associated with cardiomyopathy in dogs. I researched some articles, and there may be some correlation. Nothing has been proven yet, and there is not a final determination. I did want to make my readers aware of this, though. Even more importantly, I asked my holistic vet, who gave me the full story, and it does not correlate with most of what you find on-line, not even with the CDC report. She even explained in detail how the nutrients in the grains work and why there is now all this hype about it, without revealing the entire story. Once again, it comes down to the big dog food companies like Hills and Purina trying to beat down their competition.
Most of The Honest Kitchen’s food is NOT grain-free, but contains whole grains, so I hope you will still check it out. The two things that stood out the most to me….
1. It is all HUMAN-GRADE. I don’t have to worry about sick or euthanized animals or moldy corn being used in their food.
2. NO High Heat Cooking. First the meat and then the formed chunks are all cooked at a low temperature. The very high temperatures at which most other kibble is cooked causes carcinogenics to form.
Also, if you do want to try it, check on-line with Petco. Apparently they are “gobbling up” most of what Honest Kitchen is selling, so they’ve got it in stock with free shipping over $30.

Thanks to my blogging friend for sending me this info, and I will soon be letting Riley try some of Honest Kitchen’s other great offerings!

33 thoughts on “In Purrsuit of Flavors Stew by Xena

  1. I gotta know, who caught the elephant? If you look back at the history of pups, they evolved to working and living around farms years ago so of couse they had grains. Interesting info!

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    1. Yes, you’d better. Hmm, where do you source your elephant?
      Oh, and we just found out Honest Kitchen hyas started their cat food line with the same healthy goodness as the dog food.


  2. Ellyfant stew??? NAW HUH!! Not happenin!! Mee wuud try sum Rabbit stew butt BellaSita goes week inn THE kneess when mee askss fore it…
    An she meowss’bout how upset Mindy an Bindy Bunniess wuud bee if they mew mee eated Rabbit…
    Sennysitive…REEL sennysitive…..
    HURRAH fore findin guud foodss for Riley Miss Amy! Yore so sweet an kind to all yore Poochiess!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ❤ BellaSita

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  3. ha ha ha on the stew and triple ha ha ha enough for da nelly. i did look at this food when you last posted, simply put it sounds great but we can’t afford it.. about 5 times more than IAMS senior bought by 40 lbs and our vet says it is fine, we raised 6 dogs on it over the past 37 years. all our dogs get people food when the people eat..

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  4. Elephant stew??! OMD!! ROFLOL!!!

    I went to our pet shop to get some of that freeze dried food that Benji gets, in addition to his same branded raw coated kibble…with ancient grains. and Pumpkin. So they had a whole shelf full of the Honest Kitchen types of noms! You need to come to our town to shop at our store:)

    If you buy a certain number 10 or 12, II forget, then the next one is free! That a good deal, and if you combine those purchases with their oft to be had coupons, that really helps, as our noms are pricey too…

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    1. Since the Honest Kitchen site was out of all the “kibble,” I found it on-line at Petco (was that where you were?). And yes, I signed up and got all those perks, and even more discounts with free shipping on auto ship! (Our local store doesn’t carry it.)


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