Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with an update on Roxxii.

Roxxii’s first groom by Groomer Mom got reported a little over three years ago. Now this Ace Reporter is back with a practically unbelievable story about what’s happened to her in the last year.

When Roxxii was first introduced, it was explained that her Mom was the girlfriend of one of brother Andrew’s friends. About 1 1/2 years ago, Andrew’s friend took his own life while his girlfriend, who we’ll call Em, was in the house with him. Understandably, she was a total wreck after that. (Groomer Mom explained this all to me.)

Well, about 14 months ago, Groomer Mom got a text from Em saying she had been in jail, and the police took Roxxii to our local shelter. When she got out, the shelter had “adopted” out Roxxii and wouldn’t give Em any more info. Em needed her old girl and all the unconditional love she gave, and she felt that Roxxii needed her, too. Mommy wished with all her heart that she had known what was going on, ’cause she would of gone to the shelter and bailed Roxxii out to live with us until Em could get her. But now it was too late.

Fast forward to last week. I’m gonna give you the full story since I am a reporter of integrety.

Daddy came home from work in our old truck that was suddenly missing the passenger side mirror. Over supper he told us that as he was pulling out from our subdivision onto the main road at o’dark thirty, a set of headlights suddenly appeared coming around the curve, and the truck was moving fast! He whipped his head around to see if he was about to get rear ended. As he did, he heard a loud bang! but didn’t know what had happened. Remember, it was really dark out. The next time he looked out at his mirror, it was gone! It all had happened in just a couple of seconds, with no time to think. In telling us about it, he came to the conclusion that there was also a truck coming toward him. (Yes, he was driving our truck, and the vehicle tearing up behind him was a truck, and the vehicle coming from the other direction was a truck.) (Remember, we live in Tennessee.) Anyhow, he figured the truck coming toward him in the oncoming lane must have had a ladder or something sticking out from the truck bed, and that’s what hit his mirror.

Fast forward to the next evening. Our folks had just finished their yummy supper out on the porch when they heard someone ring the front doorbell. As usual, Mommy got up to see who it was. Long story shorter, it was the nice young man who had been driving toward Daddy. And he had our truck’s shattered mirror in his hand. After everyone talked for about an hour, Daddy realized what had really happened. What really happened? Here’s the scoop!

Daddy, needing to turn right out of our subdivision, looks to the left before pulling out. Seeing no headlights, he starts to pull out, and is too far out when headlights suddenly appear, coming way, way over the speed limit at him. As he reflexively looks back over his shoulder to see if he’s going to get hit, he doesn’t turn the wheel hard enough and crosses the center line, where this young man is just reaching him in his own truck. Their driver side mirrors collide. No one stops, because that would be suicide at that point. You know, ’cause of the maniac tailgating Daddy and just ditches on both sides of the road.

The accident was clearly my Daddy’s fault because he crossed the center line. The young man somehow tracked Daddy down using Google maps or some Googe app. After the congenial hour-long conversation, they decided it would cost too much to just give the man cash to replace his truck’s mirror and repair the scrapes on the side of his big, new truck. It would have to be turned into insurance. Which means the police would have to be called.

Next thing we knew, there was a police cruiser parked in front of the house. The policeman, who was the same age as the young man, asked him if he wanted to press charges. He said no. He knew it was an accident, and that my Daddy had nowhere to pull over, and so on and so on.

Lucy: Xena? What do you think you’re doing? Are trying to impersonate me?

Xena: Uh, well, you see..

Lucy: Yes or no?

Xena: Well maybe, but I never said I was you. *pushes laptop over in front of Lucy*

Lucy (really!), Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with an update on Roxxii.

That whole long story that only Xena could do in the name of journalism was to tell you that while Groomer Mom was down by the road with Dad and the police and the young man, a car pulls up and the lady asks if anyone knows where the groomer lives. Turns out, it was Roxxii’s grandmother and Em’s mother. She wanted to make a grooming appointment. Groomer Mom realized Roxxii was back, safe and sound. I was watching from the house and saw Groomer Mom doing a Happy Dance right there in the road! The grandma paid the dog shelter $1000 to get information to track down Roxxii. Man #1 who got her from the shelter was fostering her. Man #2 came to his house and took Roxxii and wouldn’t give her back. Man #3 got Roxxii from Man #2 and brought her to her grandma. This was over the course of several months. Her grandma has no idea who Man #3 is or how he knew where to bring her. His only caveat was that Roxxii live there with her grandma, since Em was back in jail and facing serious time. Roxxii’s grandma loves her and wanted to keep her anyhow, so she readily agreed.

Roxxii was in pretty bad shape groom-wise, so her grandma said to just “cut it all off.”

This is a picture from the first time Roxxii came to us, about three years ago.

She looked even worse this time, with her hair grown over her eyes and the eye snot underneath them stuck to her skin.

Here she is after her groom this time. Her hair had to be cut really short because of all the mats. Her grandma promised to keep bringing her so she doesn’t get in bad shape again.

I’m ready to go home with my Grandma now, Miss Amy.

We are very thankful for a happy ending for Roxxii.

Groomer Mom: While this turned out well for precious Roxxii, we are all praying and doing POTP for “Em.” We ask for your good thoughts for her to be able to get her life turned around.

Lucy (really!) and the imposter Xena, Ace Reporters, signing off.

Xena: Just one more thing to be thankful for! The young man whose truck mirror Daddy knocked off with our truck mirror just bought a zero turn lawn mower and, next summer, when it gets too hot for Mommy to cut the grass, he is going to start cutting it. And one more thing to be thankful for is he said we were so nice to him that he wants to take Mommy and Daddy out to dinner! BOL! It’s a crazy world!

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

36 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

  1. Wow! Two happy endings! Gutsy grandma bribing the shelter – I love it!!! All is well that ends well on that one. Our virtual hug out to Em, who seems to be really having a rough time. I’m glad that the mirror bash got sorted out. That young man was very enterprising to find y’all, but it sounds like he was both desperate and motivated. Thank goodness for insurance!

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  2. Lulu: “Wow, what a story! It seems like the maniac driver helped your mom and dad make a new friend, which I don’t think is how these sorts of thing usually turn out. And so good that Roxxii is back with someone who will take care of you! Now if only ‘Em’ can get things turned around. I am sending lots of fluffy tail wags for that to happen!”
    Charlee: “And we Hipsters send purrs!”

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  3. Yikes, that accident could have been so much worse…angels were keeping watch for sure.

    I had my passenger mirror banged off once, while waiting to cross the border back into Canada, but I didn’t react fast enough to catch the license plate#. I knew the truck was of this and that make, but even though I filed a report with the border police, they never did find the driver/truck. It sounded like someone had fired a shot! Yikes!

    What a sad story that poor Roxxii has to live with…it becomes baggage to carry around forever. Sort of like Dalton, and they cannot tell us what’s on their minds, poor things. Glad it all ended well for her:)

    And for your Dad, too, Pups!!

    Can you ask that young man if he would come and help with our yard too?? BOL! As if…

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  4. What a great post guys! We are glad to hear that Roxie is where she belongs and we will purray for Em. And we are glad that your Dad and the nice young man got everything sorted out. We live in a very rural community and you know, almost everyone has a pickup and we here kind stories (like yours) quite often. Most people are kind and nice.

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  5. WOW…What fantabulous reporting by both of you!!! We are so happy to hear Roxxii is back where she belongs(and beautifully groomed)…sending lots of prayers for Em!

    We love happy ending accident stories….We are happy to hear your Dad is safe AND new friends were made!!
    Jakey and the Gang

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  6. Mee-yow what a furabuluss an innterestin reeport Lucy an Xena…..there was so much mewss to go ’round!
    Ferst wee are so sorry yore PawPaw Jeff had an accydent. An wee are furry happy THE young man traced him down an efurrything got sorted out inn a guud way. Wish more peepell were like that young man! An to have sum garden help iss a bow-nuss fore sure!
    Now to Roxxii…..BellaSita reememburrs Roxxii an wundered what efurr happened to her! What a furry furry sad story, Wee are sorry ’bout Miss Em an her so sad ’bout her boyfriend two. Mee will put mee pawss twogether fore Miss Em to get bettur an get her life terned around…if wee all purray; wee can werk a meeracull rite Miss Amy?
    An Miss Amy you did a lovelee job groomin deer Roxxii. Shee has THE saddest eyess just like Aunty Debss Poochie Precious here! Wee hope wee can see Roxxii again……
    ***nose rubss*** an **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita

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  7. wow, i thought the reporters forgot to tell the Rest of the Roxxie story, but the lead in story was perfect and at the end all of it connected and i am so happy Roxxie ended up with grandma. at first i thought leave her with the new person because Em might go back to jail, then when you described the conditon of Roxxie i knew she was better with grandma, my heart aches for Roxxie caught up in all the madness.

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  8. 0h boy we are thrilled… we are glad that nothing happened to your dad and to da young man while the mirrors had a meet&greet and we are so happy that Roxxii is back at the place where she belongs… and what a happy end it was for you all… sometimes you meet the best people “accidentally”… literally… hugs to you all and specially to Em, that she never comes in such bad situations….

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