Riley’s Vet Visit and Chia Working for Mom

Riley: I can’t believe Mom Amy and Dad Jeff up and left again. Wednesday they took me to the new vet and left me all day. I was on my best behavior this time and everyone was super nice to me. They even helped me relax and take a little nap while I was there.

Chia: I wondered where you were. What happened?

Riley: When I woke up Wednesday morning after having a rough night with “the runs,” my left ear flap was swollen up like a balloon. I found out after the folks picked me up from the vet hospital late on Wednesday that it was something called a hematoma. While I was napping, the doc drained all the extra blood out of my ear flap and strapped my ears down to the side of my head. She said both my ears have fungal and bacteria infections and I must have hit something hard with my head when I was shaking my ears. They cleaned out my ears and put medicine in them while I had my nap, too. I found out they also stole some of my blood to send off to the the labs. If I catch those labradores, they’re in big trouble. But they must be smart dogs, cause they’re gonna let us know if I have heartworms, why my abdomen is so big, why the lymp nodes on my back legs are swollen (I don’t limp), why I had liquid poop, and if it would be safe for me to come back next week and take an even longer nap. I might have to do that if my ear flap swells up again. So where’s Mom Amy and Dad Jeff, and where’s Lucy and Xena?

Chia: I heard something about an anniversary trip. Mom took Lucy – my best buddy – with her. And she took Xena – my second best buddy and the only dog in the house who can make Alexa obey her.

And she took the laptop with her. So I’m gonna try to get on the work ‘puter as Mom. I can pound on that keyboard type really fast. Then she will get paid for working while she’s gone. And I’ll (hopefully) get more treats. Pretty smart, huh? But I’m gonna take a work nap first.

Riley: Did someone say it’s nap time?

Lucy: Are we there yet?

To be continued…

27 thoughts on “Riley’s Vet Visit and Chia Working for Mom

  1. Charlee: “Oh no, an aural hematoma? Dennis told us once that our sisters who we never met, Saya the Mighty and Trixie, both had one of those!”
    Chaplin: “Apparently it’s very painful! Poor Riley!”
    Lulu: “We’re glad the vet was able to help him out!”

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  2. Riley – I’m so glad you got in a good nap at the doctor’s office! I’m sorry about the cone of shame, though. That stinks. I could say it’s for your own good, but I know you won’t believe me!

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      1. Oh dear. I am so sorry, Riley! My guess is that the ear situation has been pretty uncomfortable, too. At least the ear wrap is temporary! If I were you, I’d look especially pathetic to leverage your ear problems into Some tasty treats! Work it, baby!

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  3. OMGoodness, R. Napping at the vet’s house is dangerous business. Anything can happen over there. Glad you’re home safe and sound. Whenever your blood results come back, I am sure the vet and your parents will make good decisions and get you fixed up ASAP.

    Love and licks,


  4. Deerest Riley wee are so sorry you have had so much to deel with. Man yore one tuff Poochie Doggie! Mee iss sendin Tripell POTP an hope you due not need more surgery an napss.
    Chia mee can give you sum typin tipss if you want OKay? Mee iss a dab paw at this typin thing!
    Have a safe trip Miss Amy an Mistur Jeff an Lucy an Xena two!
    ***purrss*** an POTP BellaDharma an purrayerss BellaSita

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  5. I kissed your ears for xtra healing Riley, love you so much. Our Baby girl had the hemotoma from flapping her ears, back then they did not have the thing around your head. what a great idea, not the big old cone. hope the vet can fix you up sweet pup… yay Lucy and Xena have a great trip. Chia you take care of the blog while they are gone. who is waching you and riley is the question


  6. Oh dear, boy Riley, so sorry about this latest health concern. We’ve got our paws crossed for you. Glad to see you’ve found the perfect job, Miss Chia. Well done. I’m guessing the benefits are ‘furbulous!’ Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

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  7. Dang Riley, I’m sorry you were having those problems but I sure hope you are on your way to an all better. We’re all sending purrs and prayers your way. Happy Anniversary to your Peeps!

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