Awww Monday: Final Chapter of Our Visit

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

Xena: Thanks for holding me Auntie Jen. You’ve had a busy day and I’m glad to be here for you. Uh, where’s my Uncle Bill? Did Mommy leave my comb so I could look pretty for him?

Lucy: Mmph, mm, mmph. *pushes up head* Ah, I couldn’t talk with you laying on my head, sister. I want to be next to you, Auntie Jen, and cuddle and let you know I love you, too.

Xena: Is it time to eat yet? Where’s my Uncle Bill? Mommy gave him the instructions for feeding me, um, I mean feeding me and Lucy.


Achilles: Ella? Don’t you wanna play with me and Lucy? What’s wrong?

Ella: My back legs hurt. You know, the ones I had surgery on. Mom warned me about running and playing too hard, but I was just so excited that you’re here, Lucy.


Xena: I’m rested and ready to help you with quotes again, Uncle Bill. I think I got us a lot of liver treats yesterday!

Uncle Bill: Yes, well, about that…uh, I think we’re all set with liver treats, and I’ll have them sent to you when they arrive. How about if you just cuddle here on my lap while I work?


Achilles: I love you, Lucy. I want you to live here.

Lucy: I love you too, Achilles. I would stay here with you and your sister Ella, but I can’t ’cause it would break my Dad’s heart. Why don’t you and Ella come home with me? You’d have fun playing with Chia – if you didn’t mind her hanging off your cheek – and we could be together forever.

Achilles: I can’t, my love. Riley and I don’t get along. I can’t stand the thought that he used to be your boyfriend. Grrr.

Lucy: But I never loved him like I love you, honey.

Both: *sigh*

Lucy: Mom and Dad will be here soon. Please ask Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill to bring you to visit me. And take good care of my BFF Ella, please. Bye bye until next time. *smooch*

31 thoughts on “Awww Monday: Final Chapter of Our Visit

  1. Ella, we sure hope you can move about better and with less painfulness.

    Cute lover’s tale!

    If one or the other famiily moved, you could be closer and than have more visits?? We think that is a good plan, families should stick close…yup, that is why we are 325 miles from our Aunt, BOL!
    …and we were over 600 miles from pawppy’s family…but they are no longer upon the earth:(

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  2. Mee-yow Ella mee iss sorry yore legss still bother you! CATFISH!
    Mee tried to jump up to 2nd to top shelf of Linen Closet an cuud not make it. Mee back legss are weeker than beefore. Iss not easy to get older iss it???
    Xexe yore Unkell Bill has a purrfect size lap fore you….
    Achilless an Lucy you make such a sweet cuppull. Maybee one day you can live twogether as Poochie Hubby an Poochie Wifey…..wait you can even now. Just that you have seppyrate homess. BellaSita did that with ‘angel’ Mistur Paul her 4th hubby… can werk!!!
    Mee hopess efurryoen gotted suppurr an treetss….mee iss sure Aunty Jen an Unkell Bill tooked GRATE care of youss’!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita


      1. Whew wee are happy you feel bettur now Ella…iss no fun beein inn diss-comfert or oain!
        An Achilless an Lucy yore THE Cay-nine version of BellaSita an Mistur Paul (may hee rest inn Peece).
        They each had their own place due to him beein a Quadriplegick man. Hee did not keep his placess long as hee wuud get so sick an need to go back to Hospital. Back inn those dayss, hee wuud have his own little room at Reehab Place an BellaSita cuud stay with him as long as shee liked….plus shee werked inn THE Hospital two!!!
        Sum reelationshipss are bettur this way rite??? 😉

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          1. Mee no xpert on Love an stuff eether Lucy! There WAS a man cat a long time ago…back inn Wireton…. **sighss**
            THE xpert here iss BellaSita! Married 5 timess an engaged to THE man who wuud have bin #6….
            Shee knowss ALOT ’bout Love an stuff 😉

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  3. Oh the drama. I smiled all the way through this. You’re all so cute.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around. ♥

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  4. this is the love story of the century! everyone loves each other except of course the few who don’t but it makes me feel all warm and happy and fuzzy on the inside. Uncle Bill has the perfect lap size for you Xena..

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