Nature Friday: Xena versus the Tomato Plants

We are joining Angel Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday.

Xena: We finally got a sunny day when Mommy had time to go out front with me and bring her phone camera. When brother Andrew gave these tomato plants to Mommy, they were barely as tall as my knee. Now they’ve taken over the sidealk and killed the hosta that was growing behind them. I think the hosta will have it’s revenge when it comes back next year and the tomato plants don’t!

I found out that this is where Mommy’s been getting the yummy little red tomatoes that she tosses to us like edible balls. Mmmm. So whenever I get a chance, I hunt them.

Here, mater, mater! Where, oh where are you? Hmm, gotta go deeper.

Wait! Is that one? Nope, just the edge of the pot that one is in. Can you believe these are all growing in pots? Seems Mommy isn’t much of a planter. When they first started to grow, she went to the hardware store to buy something for them to climb up. She saw these big things for plants to climb on, and thought they were way too big. Now she knows better, BOL! No one can even travel down our front walk without going around them into the yard.

What’s that?

Agh! Something’s in there! It almost got my nose! What, Mommy? It’s time to go back in and work? OK, I’m right behind you!

Happy Nature Friday and Weekend, friends, with a reminder to keep your nose outa trouble. XOX Xena

31 thoughts on “Nature Friday: Xena versus the Tomato Plants

  1. We can’t get at the tomato plants here, they are in pots in raised beds…like on stilts! We only get the ones that the wind knocks off…LOL! We have a constant battle with those huge caterpillars that like to decimate the whole plant…and the fruit too. Those worms go on the platform feeder for the birds to gobble them up.
    I hope your nose didn’t get pinched by whatever was in those plants!

    We put the larger green ones on layers of newspaper, and covered them with more, and in a few days they were ripening nicely…YUM! There is still a couple left on our windowsill…but the plants we had are all on the wood pile now…sigh…winter is coming,.

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    1. Thanks for the tip about the newspaper. Our tomatoes are all little ones, like cherry tomatoes. It’s worth a try, if we can just find some newspaper…wonder if something else we already have would work, like old towels??

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          1. Go for it! The worst that could happen is that it won’t work…so you won’t loose anything, you might gain a few yummy bites! Or dry them and maybe get a head start on next years growing season? I threw some old potted tomatoes on my compost,and in the late spring, lo and behold there were a couple of tomato plants having a go at it! Must be that the compost was warmer than the rest of the yard.

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