Grooming with Mom: Oreo

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Lucy, Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom.

As I stated last Monday, Groomer Mom’s clients are referring their friends, relatives and co-workers so fast that I can barely keep up with the reports. But I am dedicated to furthering my career, so you will get the news as the news happens, or at least not too terribly long afterwards.

Oreo is a 14-year-old shih tzu. He is blind and mostly deaf. He also has bad hips. Even with all that, he was wild on the grooming table, and it took a lot of patience and petting to try to calm him.

His Mom had been referred to us by her sister. She has been here several times before with her other two shih tzus, Maggie and Bentley, as well as their son’s chiweenie, Tyrian.

Groomer Assistant Dad held Oreo while he got the hair pulled out of his ears. It draped out of his ears as long as his face hair. The theory was set forth that no other groomer had been able to remove the hair. Oreo fought his bath like a wild dog. But at least he never tried to bite.

This is the groom Oreo’s mom had asked for. Merry Christmas Oreo, and may Santa Paws bring you a warm sweater.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

24 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Oreo

  1. Yes, I noted how much Oreo looks like Arty, too. Most shih tzus are terrified of baths because of their extremely short noses. It’s very difficult to not get water in their nose, especially because instead of holding their heads flat or down like schnauzers and many other breeds do, they raise them straight up, pointed toward the ceiling. When they do that fast, I can’t react fast enough to keep the water out of their noses.


  2. They are mostly so calm. He’s a handsome pup. Mom did a great job.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches all around and my best to your talented mom. ♥

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  3. He is a cutie. Since he cannot see or hear, it was a scary experience for him. Your Mom did a great job with him. Hopefully he will remember the smells of your home and will be less scared.
    He reminds me of Arty too!

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  4. Oreo is shocking in that he looks like our dear departed Arty. he is so cute and even before his trim was beautiful. glad the hairs are gone from the ears. poor little guy, it might hurt to get a bath. the last 2 years of my dad’s life, he fought like a tiger when he had to take a bath. he was 93

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