Christmas Week’s Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The New PJ’s Argument

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for hosting Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Chia: We’re goin’ up North next month, and Mom wanted me to have something warm to wear, so she lengthened something called a pattern that she used to make Xena’s clothes and tailored it just for me. The first problem occurred cutting the plush fleece material. The cut edges shed like a reindeer in the middle of summer so she did a zig zag stitch along the edges. (Do you wanna see me zig zag? I’m good at it!) Then she discovered the material was too thick and her machine wouldn’t sew it. But Mom loves me sooooo much that she sewed it all by hand. That took about 87 hours (that she should have used playing with me!)

She was finally done and it was time for me to try it on.

Seriously? I look like an armadillo. Is this really next Halloween’s costume?
Mom, did you notice one leg is longer than the other? And my hiney is hanging out.
What did I ever do to deserve this. Wait, don’t answer that.

Mom finally had mercy on me and helped me out of it before I chewed my the pajama leg off. I hope I never see that torture thing again!

A very short while later…

Chia: Hey you! Who said you could wear that?

Xena: Mom said it didn’t fit you and you don’t want it. It’s mine now. It sure is cozy warm.

Chia: No! It’s MINE!

Xena: *yawn* I’m so comfy I think I’ll take a nap.

Do you like my new jammies?

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with Warrior Wolves Jammies.

20 thoughts on “Christmas Week’s Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The New PJ’s Argument

  1. Lulu: “You’re definitely styling in your jammies, Xena!”
    Chaplin: “Hey Xena that looks like the kind of blanket I would like to make muffins on. Are you up for a little massage?”
    Charlee: “Maybe there’ll be another set of jammies for you to try on later, Chia. If not, there are always blankets to crawl under!”

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  2. Thanks Miss BellaDharma. I think they’ll keep me warm for sure. We’re really glad you got our card and you like it.
    Mom knows how to do all kinds of stuff. She says taking care of 4 dogs doesn’t give her much time to do anything extra. We do offer to help her make our suppers! XOX Xena

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  3. Wunderfull Wolfie Peejamass Xena!! Umm Chis you snoozed an losed! You look so cute inn those Pee J’ss ….maybee Miss Amy can come up with another pattern fore you Chia….
    Miss Amy yore purrty tallented an to hand sew those Pee J’ss is so kind of you….
    Thanx fore yore Catmess card! It iss here safelee an wee ADOOR it!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

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  4. Aw, so cute. Some like to wear PJs and some don’t. Loved the video.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  5. Mom made the pattern looooonger to fit me, but forgot to adjust the chest area, plus my legs are a bit shorter than my sister’s. Afterwards, we went to the pest store and I tried on all kinds of warm clothes. I think she might be trying to give me clothes for Christmas. Phthhh! XOXOX Chia


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