All We Got for Christmas Was…

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Xena: We all agreed that first I’d tell you what Daddy got last Wednesday, early for Christmas. Sick. After two days of laying in bed with a fever, exhaustion and achy legs, a friend brought over a C-19 test. Yep. He’s got it. Each day he’s feeling a little better. He said he is glad he had his vaccines or it would have been way, way worse. Mommy’s OK, which is a good thing, cause who would take care of us if she was sick too!? If you want to pray for him or send healing thoughts his way, we are all sure it would help.

Next, here are our “selfies.” They are all painted on small round discs of wood. That’s Angel Lexi at the top. We don’t understand why my eyes are painted so big. Mommy finally said it’s because of my wide-eyed innocence. Mommy loves her present and is hanging them “up high” so they last many, many years.

Now, for the fun stuff — mostly. I didn’t get any presents to unwrap. Mommy said I have more stuffies than I need and I got the warm jammies she made for Chia – the ones that didn’t fit Chia. So instead, she made me cookies! Woo hoo! They have pumpkin and almond butter and coconut oil in them. Mmmm.

Lucy: I didn’t get anything to unwrap either. I don’t play with toys. I wouldn’t have minded a nice sweater since I gave mine to Riley for Christmas last year. But Mom made me cookies! They have cranberries and applesauce in them and they’re soft and yummy! Mom said she would take me to the Smart Pet Place today to get a new sweater, too!

Chia: Man, I hit the motherload! If Christmases are always like this, I think I’ll stick around! It’s my first Christmas here (I’m just 1 1/2 years old) and I needed everything. I knew right away what to do when I saw those gift bags! Look what I pulled outa the first one:

Isn’t it great!? It’s got a long body, just like me! I walked around showing it to everyone, which ended up being a bit of a mistake. More on that in a bit.

Do you remember me telling you that Mom took me to the Smart Pet place after her epic fail in making me jammies? She made me try on at least 87 different sweaters and hoodies and coats. I thought she got me one of them. Confirmation!

This is the first one she tried on me, and both of our favorites. Don’t I look pretty wearing it?

Riley: I was polite and waited for Mom Amy to offer me one of the gift bags. I stuck my nose in and pulled out a brand new tug toy! Woo hoo!

Then I pulled out the tissue paper — it was in the bag, so that was mine too, right? I love my new tug toy. I offered to share it with Rainy my reindeer, but he said thanks, he would just watch me play.

Then Mom Amy offered me another present, and I pulled out a long red stuffie. It was just like Chia’s but a different color.

In case you’re wondering, those little bottles back by the tree aren’t mine. Dad Jeff gave Mom Amy her two favorite liquors for Christmas. Anyhow, I was about to deadie the red stuffie when it occured to me that I could deadie the green one that is Chia’s and still have mine to keep or to deadie later. Sometimes I’m brilliant!

Chia: I had to go get a drink or bark at something, and when I did, Riley got ahold of Greenie. Before I could stop him, he had chewed off a lot of its head and removed a squeaker.

I ran quick and told Mom. She got it back for me and put Riley’s red one up so he couldn’t deadie it…at least not right away. Me and Riley spent a lot of time Christmas afternoon growling at each other. I growled at him to keep away from Greenie while I hid under a chair with it. He growled back at me saying to stop growling at him and just give it over. Everyone left us alone to growl at each other. Except Lucy. When it sounded like it was gonna come to blows – or bites – Lucy got between us and looked at us both. She has this thing, I don’t know what you’d call it. But when she’d do that, we both would stop growling and ignore each other – for a while, anyhow.

Xena: I thought you were the next one to get deadied, Chia.

Chia: I run fast and can fit under furniture, so I wasn’t too worried. Later that afternoon while Dad was taking a C-19 nap, Riley stopped growling and started barking at me. So I stopped growling and started squeaking at him! That’s right! There was more than one squeaker in Greenie. Anyhoo, it went something like this: Woof! Squeak! Woof! Squeak! Woof! Squeak! and so on. Then Dad got up and we stopped.

Riley: I got my punishment then. Dad Jeff took me downstairs and put “the stinky dog” as he called me, in the tub. Mom Amy appeared with shampoo, conditioner, Neem oil and towels and bathed me and conditioned my hair and moisterized my skin. In the middle of all this, Mom Amy heard the water running upstairs and realized Dad Jeff was getting in the jetted tub to try to feel better.

Next thing we knew, the water in my tub started cooling off. A lot. To warm me up, I got wrapped up in a blanket after getting towel-dried. I don’t want to admit I feel better, not as itchy. But I do. And my furs are really soft and shiny now.

Chia: It’ my turn again! Guess what! That’s not all I got!! Lucy and Xena both have treat puzzles, and now I do too! I caught on right away. Instead of moving the center pieces one by one – the slow way – I put my nose at the beginning and moved them all together, stopping whenever I came to a treat. It was too easy, really, for a smart pup like me! I hope I get a harder one soon, with lots more places for treats, like Xena’s.

Speaking of Xena’s, Mom got it and Lucy’s puzzle out too and filled them with treats. But, when she put them on the floor, Riley ran in and started working Xena’s! He’s never ever shown interest in a treat puzzle before that. Xena’s Mom’s “baby,” (grrr) but she’s definitely not stupid. She didn’t challenge him for her puzzle.

It only took him a moment to figure out to remove the white pieces in the middle of each row and open the red pieces and move them back and forth. Dad said, “He’s a smart boy and has always had a talent for mechanical things.”

Xena: I went over to Lucy and told her to look at what Riley was doing. Lucy’s puzzle is pretty small – it was my first puzzle. She got it when I got my new one that Riley was now using without my permission. But she’s a sweet sister and offered to let me work her (my old) puzzle with her, so we shared.

Bowsers! It’s become a free-for-all around this house!

Lucy: We gotta sign off now. Mom’s getting ready to take me shopping *wags!*.

Love and wags from Xena, Riley, Lucy and Chia

29 thoughts on “All We Got for Christmas Was…

  1. I am so very X 100 sorry Dad got the dreaded virus. Will we ever be rid of this mess.
    Life with you all is a never ending fun adventure!! I like that most colorful tug/chew rope and I’m thankful I don’t have to work to get my treats. Well done
    Hugs cecilia

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  2. Sounds like hthe adffairs around ere…Dalton & Benji both got bags with similar items…2 stuffies and a big buffalo horn to chew on…Dalton had no clue about what to do…and strangely Benji didn’t want to take anything out of his bag either…so we all helped them…and they sort of played with their things…until Dalton decided to take a stuffie and he had it in his nest…and then he walked away. Benji snagged it and played his own invented game of toss and catch and shake..and repeat until you are exhausted…then he laid down and proceeded to remove ears, nose and the entire face…followed by all the stuffing. A snowstorm…and then he found his other toy, a rope toy with an attached stuffie…he destroyed that too in the same manner…sheesh, so now all 4 of them are sidelined for protection from further destruction, LOL! The two faceless ones are not surgical candidates anymore…sigh…

    They did get some treats…but those are being rationed, BOL!

    Yes we need some booze here too!! LOL!

    POTP for Dad Jeff, hope he is getting better and better each day. POTP and prayers for his full recovery.

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    1. Wow, you had even more stuffie guts around your place than we did! Our Dad keeps waking up each day better from they symptom he had the day(s) before, but with new ones. His sore throat is gone, but now he can’t taste or smell anything, which is way better than a sore throat. XOX Xena and Lucy and Chia and Riley


  3. Mee-yow wow what a fun an cray-cray Catmess youss all had!!!
    Chia you look speck-taculur inn yore mew seater!
    An Lucy mee can hardlee wait to see yore mew sweater!
    An Riley yore tuggy toy iss furry kewl.
    An Xena you gotted kewl jammiess!
    An Miss Amy mee thinkss you will need a bit o’ booze with all THE Cray-cray Caniness!
    An poor Mistur Jeff yore giftiess was as bad as gettin COAL inn yore stockin…makes mee wunder… COAL an COVID both start with “C”!
    Mee iss sendin you dubbell POTP an BellaSita iss sayin purrayerss!
    Meowy Catmess an Happy Mew Yeer deef frendss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

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  4. Lulu: “Wow, what an eventful Christmas! Sounds like Riley was basically running the table with everyone else’s toys.”
    Charlee: “Yeah, Dennis would approve of all the stuffie destruction, that’s for sure. Sorry about your Greenie getting deaded before you got to properly play with it, though, Chia!”
    Chaplin: “We’re sending lots of purrs for your daddy to feel better soon!”
    Lulu: “And I send fluffy tail wags!”

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  5. I can barely keep track of who go what or when and what Chrismtas and who got preowned and who got new and who got nothing. this was tooooo funny other than the part about poor Dad trying to take a C-19 nap with not much success… it sounds like you all had a very Merry Christmas. make that a very FURRY Christmas


    1. It’s easy, Miss Sandra! I (Chia) got a long green stuffie, a new sweater and a new treat puzzle.
      Xena got the jammies that Mom made for me and home made cookies.
      Lucy got homemade cookies and went to the Smart Pet store today and got a new sweater.
      Riley got a new tug o war toy and a long red stuffie just like my green one.
      Mommy got booze and pieces of painted wood.
      We forgot to say what else Dad got, but that’s OK, Covid was enough.
      XOXOXOXOX Chia

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  6. What a fun Christmas update. Good job, frens. The sweater is a gem. The long toys are awesome, even the ripped one, and puzzle toys are my favorite, so I love them all! Mom and I said a prayer for your daddy. He will be well soon.

    Love and licks,

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