Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Chub

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat.

Xena: One of Mom’s long time clients who have Laila and Louis started bringing two of their offspring, Maggie and Bentley, who live with the client’s sister. Then her sister started bringing them, as well as Tyrian, who is their not-biological brother. Then her sister started also bringing her mother-in-law’s dog, Oreo. This time, Oreo’s brother Chub also came. That’s what this post is about.

Lucy: Thank you, Xena, for that introduction and history on this family of dog grooms. As Xena-Not-Ace-Reporter pointed out, Chub came along with his sister and cousins. That made for a total of five dogs last Monday.

First, Groomer Mom serviced Oreo. Because she’s blind, she moves around a lot, and it’s important to be sure she does not fall off the table! Here are her after pics:

Next up was Chub. Chub is also a 14-year-old shih-tzu, and litter mate with Oreo. When he got on the groom table he looked like this:

His Mom just wanted him to get a winter groom. His ears were very matted. She warned Groomer Mom that he didn’t like his face “messed with,” especially around his mouth. Yep, Groomer Mom should have listened.

Chub was loving on Groomer Mom, giving her nose kisses and wagging his tail. He didn’t even mind her working out all those ear mats. Then she took the curved scissors to trim around his mouth. Let’s just say that if his teeth were sharp, Groomer Mom would have a great big hole in the middle finger of her right hand. At that, she said, and I quote, “We aren’t friends anymore, Chub Chub.” Then she decided to try it with the clippers. She got one swipe on each side before he launched his assault on the running clippers. Groomer Mom just held the clippers there and let him attack them, thinking maybe he would get it out of his system. He kept up his voracious attack on the clippers with voracity, and Groomer Mom gave up. Therefore, here is his “after” picture:

Groomer Mom is thankful today that she still has all her fingers without any holes in any of them. This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with licks and wags from a report on a semi-successful groom.

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

29 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Chub

  1. Oreo’ss groom was so easy peasy Miss amy!
    An wee figured Chub wuud quiet down….purrhapss not??? You did a wunderfull groom on Chub!! An look at hiss B-I-G GRIN….like hee thinkss hee deefeeted THE clippurrss!
    **purrss** an POTP BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  2. The thing I tell my Andy when his groomer, Dodi, picks him up for his spa day is, “Be a very good kitty, Andrew!” And the first thing I ask Dodi when she brings a perfectly groomed Andy back from his spa day is, “Was Andy a very good boy?” So dfar, she always says he was. Either she’s a masochist or she’s telling me the truth. At any rate, I’m just happy she takes cat clients. Andy’s former groomer stopped taking kitty clients just in time for an appointment for Andy and the late Dougy’s late winter groom. They went well beyond their necessary winter trim (till July!) before their new groomer, Dodi, could work them in. I have her schedule Andy a year in advance because kitty groomers (and dog groomers, too – Dodi does both) can’t be taken for granted, especially if the kitty or doggo have behavior issues. I’m always ha[py Andy comes back with a good report card, though he apparently goes on strike when he gets bored.

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    1. I used to groom cats, back in the 90’s. Every persian I groomed wanted to eat me for supper. Or at least make me suffer. That’s why I don’t take them anymore. I have had several shorthaired cats, and never a problem with them. I know a lot of groomers wouldn’t say if the animal was not good, but I always tell the truth, LOL! So far, no one has gotten upset with it.


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