It’s My Birthday!

Lucy: Hi there friends. This is my fifth Gotcha Day and the day we celebrate my sixth birthday! I had a pretty quiet day with my Dad and sisters and Riley. Mom came home from work and gave me an extra bit of meat in my supper bowl. Then I got my present…a brand new treat puzzle! It’s just like Xena’s big one that holds tons of treats. I don’t have to use her little second-hand puzzle anymore. Thanks, Xexe, and you can have it back.

I haven’t had bananas for months, so Mom filled my new treat puzzle with pieces of bananas that I had to get by lifting, sliding and finally licking out since the banana stuck to the inside. She helped me with that part.

Everyone got their treat puzzles filled and we had a party with them.

Guess who got the hand-me-down puzzle…Riley! It kept slipping on the floor, so he picked it up and carried it into the front room onto the rug.

After everyone else finished their puzzles, I was still hard at work on mine. I was taking a bit to get the hang of all the moving parts. Chia has a pointy little nose, so she began flipping it open and taking out the pieces of bananas. Since she doesn’t much care for bananas, she laid them on the floor for me to eat. Eating the snacks is what this game is all about anyhow, right?

Well, I have to go say bye to Mom and Dad now. Dad is all better from that C-19 thing and him and Mom are going dancing tonight. Tomorrow we get to celebrate Dad’s birthday! I hope he gets a nice new treat puzzle, too.

Love, wags and licks from Lucy, the birthday girl.

30 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. IQ Treat Puzzles are such a fun gift and a fun party. Happy birthday, fren. Happy birthday to your dad, too. Paws crossed that his treat puzzle is filled with cheese.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Lulu: “Happy gotchabirthday to you, Lucy, and happy birthday to your Daddy! It looks like you had quite a party! I hope your mom and dad had fun dancing! My Mama and Dada haven’t been to their studio in a while, but maybe they will get back there soon …”

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    1. Our folks had a lot of fun, and came home a bit early. Seems no one wanted to stay out too late at the dance. Hope your Mama and Dada get to go dancing soon, too. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


  3. singing the birthday song to you and the happy gotcha day too. so happy you got a new puzzle and that all of you have your own. beau refuses to touch his. I am so relieved to hear daddy is ok and able to go dancing for his birthday. Happy Birthday to you And Daddy

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  4. Happy Birthday to YOU, Lucy!! Those are cool puzzles! Chia had fun, and you got treats, now that is teamwork:)

    Happy Early Birthday to your Daddy, too! (Yup, a wee bit ahead, LOL)

    Recovering form that evil virus is for sure something to have a good dancing session about!! Celebrate Life!

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