Grooming: Caesar and Rusty

Ace Reporter Lucy here today on the Groom Beat.

There’s an old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Today, however, I have a story for you about how good begets good. Let’s start at the beginning…

Our pastor put out an email asking if anyone could help one of the members by taking her a meal while her husband was out of town. She had recently been in the hospital with an injury and was having trouble getting around. Because Mom has never done this, she decided it was about time she stepped up. The member (let’s just call her M.A. for short) lives very close to Mom and Dad’s favorite Mexican restaurant, so Mom called and asked M.A. what she would like. After picking up the order and finding M.A.’s house Mom was greeted at the door by two sweet pups. (You knew dogs had to be involved, right?) Mom and M.A. settled in to visit for a while with Mom on the floor petting the dogs. Toward the end of the visit, M.A. said she sure wished she had someone who could groom her dogs. She was very excited when Mom revealed that besides working as the Office Manager in a Jewish synagogue, she is, in fact, a dog groomer. M.A. immediately made an appointment for her daughter or grandson to bring her two pups that coming Saturday.

Here’s Caesar, who is a 14 year old long-haired dachshund, doesn’t show his age at all. Here he is before his groom.

Caesar is a very good boy, but he doesn’t like his picture taken. Groomer Mom must have taken a dozen or more shots and finally gave up with the one below after his groom. Groomer Mom asked me to add that she didn’t cut the top part of his face hair at all, but after seeing the picture realized she could have blended it with her thinning shears to look better.

When he got home to his mom, she texted to say how much she loved his cut and that it was the best groom he’s ever had. Caesar will definitely be coming back!

Next up is his nine year old brother Rusty. Rusty supposedly has lab and poodle in him. He and Caesar were both rescues, so it’s hard to say for sure. Rusty has an auto-immune disease, and was recently diagnosed with diabetes, for which he gets daily injections.

Rusty is now the tallest dog Groomer Mom has as a client since Aoife moved to Denver, but he still fit just fine in the grooming sink. He’s a real sweet boy, even though he’s a bit “busy” on the table. Here he is post groom.

Excuse me Miss Groomer, there is a hair sticking up on my nose.

Groomer Mom corrected those misbehaving hairs on Rusty’s nose before he went home. We look forward to seeing Caesar and Rusty back again in a few weeks.

Lucy, signing off with thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday.

26 thoughts on “Grooming: Caesar and Rusty

  1. Lulu: “That was awesome of your mom to bring that lady a meal, and of course the dogs look fantastic after their grooming! Hey, so, about those misbehaving nose hairs, can we send our Dada your way? He has a few nose hairs of his own that could stand to be—”
    Charlee: “Stop stop stop!”

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  2. Providence surely brought you and the lady in need together! And look how it all ended!

    I have both been the arranger for ‘meals on wheels’, and the receiver of it as well…and also the recipient of 100 mile round trips when I was in Chemotherapy. It is a blessing too share our time and talents with others and it blesses those who receive them too. I am always forever grateful to those who helped us when. was sick. I am glad we have such a loving Church family. Another thing what we used to do is invite visitors over for dinner with us…though we don’t do that so much anymore as visitors seem to be a rare thing these days. (I just always made a big meal, so there would be enough, and if no company, then we had yummy leftovers!)

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  3. They are so cute! As always, your mom did a great job grooming. SO nice of your mom to deliver food. Helping others is so important. Enjoy the rest of your day gang!

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  4. You did a kind thing and was rewarded by two new babies to groom. They both look so handsome after you were done with them. Awww.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥

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  5. They both looked precious uncut and really twice as precious trimmed and clean. great job to groomer mom for groom and for delivering food. back when we were going to church, I never volunteered to take a meal because it did not occur to me i could take a bought meal. what a super idea and to let them choose. good job mom. good job Lucy. I assume since this really TALL pup that looks nothing like lab or poodle was a tight fit in the sink, Beau would not fit at all… so where do you get a bath Lucy girl

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    1. No, Beau would have to get a bath in the downstairs bathroom tub like me. Mom has a special shower thingie with a long hose. And I’m very good even though I don’t like baths. I jump in the tub when Mom tells me to.
      XOX Lucy


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