Psycho Weather Selfie Sunday

Xena: Friday we had a good walk around the neighborhood. It was what Mommy calls “Sweater Weather.” Some of the neighbors’ road-front spring flowers were even blooming.

Mommy wanted to “feature” me and Lucy in front of this little roadside garden area, but we were both too busy sniffing stuff on the road. I know, I know, I’m always the “take my picture” pup, but I swear, promise, there used to be something dead here on the road, and I was too engrossed in figuring out what it was.

Then came Saturday morning. It was still o’dark-thirty when we finished our breakfast and asked to go out, as usual. While we were in the dog lot out back, Mommy took these pictures (without a flash) from the front porch.

Somehow the newly fallen snow reflected enough light (we don’t know where from) that it was like daylight outside. The orange specks in the second and third pictures were lights on houses, not the sun. Believe it or not, these are full color pictures. No one shoveled the walk or drive or road. They were just still too warm for the snow to stick to them. So, if I stood outside in a snowstorm, does that mean the snow wouldn’t stick to me, either?

Chia: The white stuff was just spotty in the dog lot and we just navigated around it. It was my first snow! So Mom clipped a long leash on my collar and let me and my pack out there in the front to really see it. At first I just stood there and looked at it like everyone else. Then I ran into it and turned around and ran right back out of it! Yowzers! No one ‘splained to me what it was or that it was wet and cold. So we all spent the rest of the day snoozin’ and hangin’ out in the house.

Until the snow goes away, I’m hangin’ out with my sister and best friend, Lucy.
Except for when I’m nappin’ with my sister and second best friend, Xena.

Since I stopped being mean to Xena, she’s started playing with me again every morning after breakfast. That’s much more fun than getting stuck in my kennel.

Today’s really cold, but the sky’s clear and most of the white stuff is gone and it’s gonna warm up, so it’s gonna be a good day. Here’s hoping y’all have a good day, too! Oh, and many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies! 

XOXOX Lucy, Xena and Chia

25 thoughts on “Psycho Weather Selfie Sunday

  1. Mee-yow Chia that snow lookss purry an cold…..purrty cold!!!
    Iss snowin here today an all *sigh-co* outside! Mee iss doin sum commintss an then goin for a ‘happy nappy’ two!
    Lucy iss so sweet you an Chia are now BESTIESS!
    An Xena you an Chia are BESTIESS Two! Furabuluss 🙂
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. Wow! Mom told us that’s about 6 times more snow than we got! Overnight it became “eat your meals an hour earlier” time, but springtime hasn’t come yet. XOX Lucy and Xena and Chia


  2. Lulu: “Aww, I’m glad to hear that you and Xena are playing again, Chia!”
    Charlee: “See, Chaplin? If you’re not mean, the one you were mean to might be willing to play with you.”
    Chaplin: “Are you suggesting I’m mean to you? It’s just called being a big brother.”
    Charlee: “According to Mama and Dada it’s called ‘being a jerk sometimes’ …”

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  3. you just made it a good day just seeing all of you happy and warm and sleeping together… brrr on the snow on the feet. we are at 41 with WIND and brrrrrr one more day and back to the high 80s. crazy see saw weather.

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