Flashback & Nature Friday: Grounded at Dog Park

Xena: Guess what! I get to do Flashback Friday again. This one is from August of 2018 when I was barely two years old. Keep reading….

Lucy: Xena, you are the only dog I know that can get grounded at the dog park. It was our third day in a row going there. You just don’t know when to shut your mouth. You were inciting riots with all your barking. And Mom said she was getting a headache. Xena: Please stop lecturing me. I paid the price. I had to sit with boring Mommy while you played with the other dogs. I wanted to run and play too. (and bark more)

Xena the Benched Schnauzer Warrior Princess

We are joining Angel Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday. We’re also thankful to Fivesibes for hosting Flashback Friday!


23 thoughts on “Flashback & Nature Friday: Grounded at Dog Park

  1. Oh, no, grounded at the dog park??? Grumbles and growls, boy we are so sorry. That is no fun.
    Thanks for joining in our #FlashbackFriday blog hop, too!

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  2. Lulu: “Oooh, taken out of the game and put in the penalty box just for over-exuberance? That hardly seems fair! Of course, when I start barking at evildoers or possibly nothing up at the fence, I always get called into the house too. Oh by the way, we are looking into the feed problem at our blog! We started at the tack & feed store which the mouse claims has nothing to do with it, but we’ll see …”

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  3. You got grounded at the dog park? You made me laugh out loud. I have to disagree with you though about your mom. She’s no boring.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  4. you have your own pack to play with at home, but back then maybe not… we had to stop going to the park with Baby because she would not come back once off leash. we had to wait until she wore herself out and laid down to rest to recapture her

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