Riley on Happy Tuesday

Hey there. This is Riley. I’ve had a bit of a hard time this month. Mom Amy got a new product to rub on my “lower” tummy to try to help it feel and be better. Besides, she can’t stand the sound of me licking and chewing on it. “Riley! Stop doing that!” That’s what I kept hearing from the other room at the far end of the house. I think she has superman or vampire hearing. I hope it’s superman. Anyhow, I started getting the squirts. Bad. And I started throwing up clear liquid. At least it wasn’t my food coming up. It was all shooting out the other end!

Then came the starvation diet. No food for 87 hours. Then just rice and pumpkin. Then half portions of my regular food. I’m normally — yes, I’ll admit it — a picky eater. By this time I was waiting to see if Chia left any of her veggies in her bowl that I might scarf up! Since my head’s almost as big as her whole body (OK, I exagerate) she started backing away and saying, “Here you go Riley, uh, help yourself.” Unfortunately, Mom Amy was right there stopping me. Strangely enough, I stopped itching during this time. And I never actually felt bad, except when the cramping hit. I still played and went for walks and bugged Dad Jeff for my nightly walk and gave a lot of happy tail wags!

Anyhoo, I got back on my regular Honest Kitchen beef nuggets diet, and all was well. Until I started itching again. Until Mom Amy put more of that medicine on my itchy area. Until I started squirting from the nether regions again. Dad Jeff was taking me out every time I asked and he started seeing bright red blood in the squirts. That went on for over a day, and that’s when I was stuck in the car and taken to the vet’s. It was a different vet ’cause our regular vet was full. It was a vet my Dad Andrew had taken me to years ago and we both liked them. I got to stay a while cause Mom Amy had to go to work. They ran some tests and x-rays and stuck that glass stick up my butt. And you know what? I didn’t fight them or scream or complain or threaten them, I just wagged my tail. They said I was the best boy ever! Mom just looked at them like they had grown horns and tails when they told her that. Then she explained how I normally act at the vet’s. (We won’t go into that!) I just looked at them and wagged my tail some more, like, “Don’t listen to her.”

So now I’m on metronidazole and just finished my low-dose opium drug. *wags* That’s good shi…uh…stuff. No more blood and no more squirts. No more itchies and my ears are better, too. I feel really, really good right now. *wags* And I’m very, very happy about that…

Just sleepy…*little wag* Oh reindeer’s snoozin’ with me. His name’s..uh, name’s… Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Many thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday.

Mom Amy’s notes: So, is his itching caused by any allergy to beef? I’ll have to try changing his diet, but I won’t change the brand, since it is the only human grade dog food I can find, so… I may be cooking for the big boy until things other than beef and chicken come back in stock.
Was his “squirts” caused by what I rubbed on his tummy? Probably, so sure won’t do that again.”
Did the antibiotics clear up his ears? If so, it was within a day, which would be odd. Or was it, again, an allergic reaction to the beef in his diet, which he wasn’t getting both times during his “squirts.” During both those times– the first without any meds — his ears and lower belly cleared up. So, probably. So now the search for non-beef Honest Kitchen dog food begins. (In the meantime I really am cooking for him and he’s licking his bowl clean!)

33 thoughts on “Riley on Happy Tuesday

  1. I’m glad Riley is feeling better, and you have some clues for a diet that works for him. My dogs love their homemade food! Yours will, too. All human-grade ingredients is important, and its probably cheaper when its your labor putting it together than it is paying someone else. My favorite dog & cat homemade food cookbook is “Dinner Pawsible” by Cathy Alinovi, DVM. My dogs love fish, and there are some recipes in there that have canned salmon or sardines mixed in with turkey. And we substitute lamb for all the beef recipes. The dogs are happy! I buy my ingredients in bulk at Costco and make a lot to freeze. It works out. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks so much for the tips. I didn’t know where to get lamb…I’ll ask my friend who has a membership to check it out for me. I have canned sardines and tuna and can start mixing that in a few times a week, too. I try to incorporate that into my raw diet eaters once a week, so I always have it on hand. I’ll check out that cookbook, as well!

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      1. It doesn’t have any raw recipes, but I don’t know that you have to cook them, either. I buy large bags of frozen vegetables at Costco and whirl them in the food processor so my small dogs can eat them. We use a meat grinder on the roasts to save time. It’s a lot of work, but I’ll usually make several weeks of food at once, then freeze it.

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  2. Lulu: “So many questions, so few definite answers. You are an International Dog of Mystery, Riley! At least you got some of the good stuff to help you relax for now. I am sending lots of fluffy tail wags for them to figure out what’s going on and get it straightened out.”
    Charlee: “And we Hipsters send fluffy tail wags!”

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  3. Mee-yow wow!! Oh Riley mee deer frend wee are so sorry yore gotted so sick…..What a mess! An Miss Amy wee sorry you an Mistur Jeff had to deel with such a mess…..poor Riley! Poor youss’!!
    Wee sure hope you can find guud foodabullss so Riley does not tern innto an xplodin Poochie!
    Riley you soundsd so much like BellaSita Mum when shee has to take dubbell dose of Codeene 😉
    Rest well deer Riley ❤ ❤
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an {{hugiess}} BellaSita Mum

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  4. Poor Riley. Such an ordeal. I laughed with the glass thing up your butt. Your mom can spin a wonderful and entertaining tale.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  5. What an ordeal, R! Once I had bloody poop and got the same medicine. It worked great. Sounds like it did the same for you. I hope you keep moving in the right direction and are back to 100% real soon. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  6. Riley… bless your sweet K9 heart.
    I have heard,( some) humans who have tick bites develop some type of terrible allergy to beef that never goes away.
    NC commissioner of Agriculture has it. He is a farmer also got a tick bite on his farm.
    Don’t know if the same things happens to pups.

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  7. it is so hard to figure out what is wrong with our babies. they can’t talk and we have to play the guessing game. you are the perfect mom and so good with your guessing. so sorry sweet Riley that you are having a rought time. Hugs big boy. love you and hope your troubles are gone…. one dog to the vet is killing our pocketbook, can’t imagine 4 dogs with vets

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    1. I do my best, and it’s not always the right thing. I try hard to not beat myself up when that happens. It’s too late to send back all this expensive dog food, so I think I’ll try to sell it!


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