Why Is Shania Home?

Shania: Hey guys, I’m back.

Priscilla: Where were you? We looked everywhere.
Shania: You know the Mom’s office got moved out of our house, right?
*Everyone nodding*
So Lambie had to go, too, since she was actually given to the synagogue, not to us.
*Everyone nodding*
Xena thought it would be safer for me to go keep Lambie company for a while than to stay here. Chia had her “deadie the stuffie” eyes on me, and Riley was unpredictable.
Ludwig: I sent out a search party, but no one could find you. And the squirrels never came back, either.
Chippie: You sent squirrels? Squirrels?!
Sweetheart: Never mind that. Sometimes Ludwig gets into the bottom shelf of the pantry. What we want to know is if you’re ok and why you’re back now?
Shania: All the Mom told me before putting me in her carry bag to come home was that we were leaving and not coming back, so tell Lambie goodbye. Oh look, there’s Lucy! She’s the sweetest pup! Aghh, I’m falling!

Xena: Welcome home, Shania. You can ride in my kennel with me again and get magically transported to other places!
Chia: Gotcha!

You’re mine now.
Shania: HELP!!
Riley: Chia! Drop it!

Riley: So, you’re back, Shania.
Shania: *pant, pant* Yes, Riley, thanks for saving me from Chia.

Riley: No problem! Hmm, you might have a flea here…and here…and…
Lucy: Riley, my friend, can I please have Shania? She’s really not worth your time. I know you’re in charge here, and you have much more important things to do, like keeping Chia from swiping your bone, right?

Shania: Thanks, Lucy. One big gulp and I woulda been gone. No wonder the Mom sent me away!

Lucy: Well, you’re back now, Shania, so stay safe, little girl. Maybe you’ll go again when my Mom gets another job. I sure hope I can go, too! And, uh, you might want to wash your ear.

25 thoughts on “Why Is Shania Home?

  1. DeerestMiss Amy an Lucy an THE Crew while wee furry sad you losted a job you REELLY liked wee are furry happy Shania iss home with efurryone!
    Now to keep her safe from “Chompin” Chia rite??
    Guud Luck Xena… wee think Riley found a full-time job there 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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  2. Wow, Shania, I had to think a lot about what you and the others were saying about all that was happening…
    Sorry your Mom had to send Lambie back…but sad that there no longer is a job there for your Mom. Phooey.

    Petcretary prays soon you will find other good work, maybe even better.

    Meanwhile all you pups and stuffies, take good loving care of her, OK?!

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  3. We’re sorry to hear your mom lost her job but now she can spend more time at home with all of you. Maybe she can do more grooming to make up for it? We hope Shania can stay safe from the jaws of Chia and Riley.

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    1. Yep, Mom’s been getting lots new grooms in, but not enough to cover her lost salary. We do like her being home with us, though, as long as she can keep buying us our good food! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


  4. oh no, what happened to your job? no more job with the synagogue? not even from home office? I enjoyed the story until the last line. so sorry. prayers for whatever is going on….

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      1. I am VERY sorry to read this Amy! I have heard this sort of talk b4 @ Synagouges. Please do not take it personally….it IS a shame tho’. It does not help our reputation when we exclude people….I apologize & send you ❤ & ((hugs))
        BellaSita Mum aka Sherri-Ellen

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  5. Welcome home, Shania. I hope your siblings treat you a bit better. I know they love you, but roughhousing is not the way to go. You did make me smile though.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

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  6. Hari OM
    Oh my goodness – there was a bit of suspense in all of this – but I am glad that Shania is safe and well and got such a lovely welcome home from the stuffy gang. And the pupsters, of course… hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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