Our Trip and Company

Xena: Wow, there is so much to tell! My most exciting news is that I finally lived up to my name, Xena Schnauzer WARRIOR Princess, (I had the Schnauzer and Princess parts perfected already). You see, Aunt Bobbi brought her dog Daisy, who is the size of like a cattle dog or something. I barked at her and chased her back into her kennel. After that, I chased her back there every time I saw her. Then my Aunt Jenny (NOT Auntie Jen) brought her Australian Shepherd type dog over, and guess what! She was scared of me too!! I am The Dominator!

I reigned from this chair.

Lucy: I spent a lot of time with my Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Dennis. And my Grandma. She loves me.

Everyone was tense and there was some raised voices over major (and minor) decisions that had to be made. I don’t like that, it’s scary. But I tried to put some of my Zen energy to work for my family.

Chia: I already told you my story of my Runabout while I was at home with our new sitter. I was good for her after that And she made sure I didn’t “escape” again. I played with Riley and took naps, dreaming up more ways to get to run the neighborhood.

Then I heard about how stressed I made everyone while I was gone on my adventure, so I decided to stay home. Or at least come right back if I got a chance to “stretch my legs.” The same night my pawrents got home, we had a visitor. Her name is Kim and she lives in the Philippines. I could tell she didn’t take to me immediately, so I made sure she knew I wanted her to hold me a lot. When she started taking just me on leashed runs around the neighborhood, I knew I had my new best friend. She “baby held” me like Mom holds Xena, and rubbed my belly and talked to me and explained why some things I growled were not nice and I shouldn’t be talking like that. Last night I put my new “come right back when I get loose” strategy to a test, and came right back when Kim called me. She left today. I may have to go looking for her…

Xena: Something sad happened, too, while I was at my Grandma’s house. I was walking around the house with my family and came across a poor chippie who had passed away.

I came up to her and sniffed her and gently nudged her, then stared for a while in case she was “playing possum,” but she had already crossed the bridge. I don’t know what happened to her…there was no sign of foul play. Mommy was assigned the task of burying her, but Uncle Dennis did it. When he came in and said he had taken care of the chippie, we asked if he had said the mourner’s Kaddish over her. He said he did. Then we asked if he gave a eulogy for her. He said he did. Then we asked if he gave her a proper burial. He said he did. May the chippie’s soul rest in peace.

Riley: I really liked our new sitter, even if she let my friend Chia get away and stopped searching for her when it got dark. She missed work that day, but hey, who let Chia get loose, right? I liked Kim who came to visit, too. She pets good. I slept with her every night. She says I snore…all night long.

Then we had another surprise. Artie, who stayed with us one other time, came over on Tuesday night to stay a few days while his folks were out of town. There sure has been a lot of shuffling dogs around. I’m glad I just got to stay here at home.

We all like Arty; he’s a good dog and a really funny boy. He came walking out of the bedroom with my Rainey Reindeer. Mom caught him and took Rainey before Arty got into major trouble with me. Instead, she gave him Winter Bear and Oscar, who was almost done-for already. He took them back to MY bed in Mom’s bedroom and played with them for a while. The next morning I finished deading Oscar. May he rest in peace.

Xena: That’s all we can think of to tell you right now. But we’re sure there will be something else soon…there always is!

XOXOX Love and licks and wags and wiggles from Riley, Lucy, Xena and Chia

24 thoughts on “Our Trip and Company

  1. Deerest Xena you ARE a Warrior! Guud fore you!
    An Unkell Dennis you are a TRUE Mensch! Mee will meow to yousss’ wee lost Chico Chipmunk last week…..hee was mindin his own busyness when wee herd a commotion on patio an water jug fell over…we thott Mina Squirrel an Chico were playin TAG.
    Sadly no…Ranger THE Feral Cat who 3 peepss here were feedin (yeah BellaSita was 1 of them) anywho he went aftur Chico. And wee still can not get those imagess outta our mindss.
    Hee tooked off with Chico an BellaSita tried to stop him…..
    Next day shee went lookin fore Chico butt hee was nowhere to bee found an no reemains….*shudderss*.
    BellaSita got so angry shee kick Ranger’ss food bowl an then took it inn.
    So our Chippiess are twogether Xena….a little comfert rite?

    Chia pleese do NOT run off again!!
    An Riley you are SO-O ADOORBS!
    An Arty thanx fore beein a guud Poochie at Miss Amy’ss.
    Whew!! Youss’ sure had a busy time an wee hope deecisionss were made an efurryone iss happy with them…..
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Aww, we’re so sorry about Chico (did you know that was Chia’s name when she first arrived at our home?). Anyhow, yes, let’s think about Chico and Chippie playing together on the other side of the bridge.
      Oh, and decisions were made, but NOT everyone was happy. We won’t even get into that! But our poor Dad has been super stressed by the most self-centered person we know and that person does not live in our house and that person is NOT our dear grandma. And that’s all we’ve got to say.
      XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia, formerly known as Chico.

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      1. Mee-yow what efurr went down soundss purrty seereuss Xena an Lucy an Chia!
        If Miss Amy needss to vent, pleese woof to ehr shee can email BellaSita anytime! Wee heer fore her like youss’ heer fore us!
        An YES wee DID know Chia was Chico beefore her name was moddyfied an that iss why wee named THAT Chipmunk Chico….inn Chia’ss honor,,,,,,so wee felt xtra sad that stewpid Ranger Cat took Chico from us!!!
        An yes let’ss think of Charlie, an Chasey an Chewy an Chico an Chippie an all THE Chipmunkss playin an havin fun free of pain or wurry….. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. Mommy says thanks, but it’s Daddy’s family and he’s the one who is super stressed. She’s just been trying to be understanding and help him de-stress. She will keep that in mind, though! XOX Xena
          Wow, you named Chico after ME? That’s SUPER! (I wish he had lived a lot longer, though.) XOXOXOX Chia

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          1. Wee are so sorry it iss Mistur Jeff’ss furamillee….why does furamillee sumtimess fall apart? An nevurr et bak twoetehr??
            BellaSita Mum has not meowed to Siblinss’ inn 9 yeerss. And shee nto close to her Neffew an now shee an Neece an her kittss are not meowin to her!
            ***sighss*** iss furry sad…..
            An Chia wee two wish Chico lived ALOT longer! Wee sorry 😦

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  2. Lulu: “A ruling Princess must have a throne, am I right, Xena? Next, you need a crown and a scepter! Shame about the little chipmunk. I swear I was not involved.”
    Chaplin: “But you would have eaten it if you found it, I’m sure.”
    Lulu: “Well the last little rodent I ate gave me indigestion, so I don’t know. But I might have rolled on it.”
    Charlee: “You dogs are SO weird.”

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  3. Oi Vey…what a lot of busyness…the good, the bad and even the ugly…RIP, Chippy!

    Hope you all get into a regular routine soon, including your human furmily what seems like is burdened with way too much stress right now, too.

    Thanks for sharing all your dog-ventures with us!

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  4. You do have lots to report and lots of things happening at your house. Sorry about the chippie. So sad, but when it’s time it’s time.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  5. of course you have lots to report, with 4 dogs in ahome and all those visitors, you could right a best seller book I think… wow, on all the visits from humans and their canines. beau said to tell you he gets bored here, no one comes, Aunt jackie comes about once every 2 months or maybe 87 days. she is the only one and no dogs come. poor chippie, glad you did not DEAD him. Beau says he knows about voices that get LOUD and Mad… it happens a lot with mama and daddy

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  6. Oh my goodness you all have had a lot going on. Sounds like everyone did their part to make things go as smoothly as possible. Good job! ~ Belle, Bessie, Bea and Linus too.

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