My Birthday by Xena

Hi, all my friends! I know you must have been laying awake last night wondering if I had a good birthday. You can sleep well tonight knowing I did. I want to tell you about my day, OK?

The first thing to tell is that we have all been taking turns sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy. But I got to sleep in bed with them the last two night as a special treat for my birthday. Besides that, Mommy says I’m her special, baby girl, and loves to fall asleep holding me. Except when my bee hind is in her face, of course. When we got up, Mommy looked at me and said those dreaded five words, “You need a bath.” Then she added, “But it’s your birthday, so we’ll wait ’til tomorrow.”

When Mommy checked her email, she found this:

While it was nice to get a card from the AKC, it would have been nicer to get the cupcake!

After breakfast, Mommy took me outside , not in the fenced dog lot and let me do my thing.

These drainage pipes have always fascinated me, so I decided to check them out. Mommy ran over one of them with the lawnmower this year, so it was easy to stick my head in it.

I’m sure I smell something in there. Is it another chippie?

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Fine! I’ll just lay here and wait.

Maybe it’s lizards. I haven’t had any lizards to chase since the snake ate them all last summer.

I can smell you!

I thought maybe the critter got out and ran along the wall, but I still couldn’t find it!

OK, Mommy, I’m done with that, and ready to move on.

I love our backyard. There’s so many things to smell! I’ve gotta decide where to go next. I could spend the whole day out here!

I decided to ‘splore behind the shed. It’s one of my favorite places, with lots of leaves and wood and especially smells!

I don’t usually get to run through the wooded area, so I tried to be careful and not get in any poison ivy.

My last place to ‘splore was the cactus garden. I found a new chippie hole and got my nose all the way down it, but didn’t find a chippie. I’ll check back later.

After all that digging and ‘sploring, Mommy changed her mind and I got a bath after all. Drat. But, along with it being my b-day, it gets me another night in the big bed!

The next nice thing was Mommy filling up all the treat puzzles and giving them to us.

Riley wouldn’t eat his breakfast today, but I noticed that he not only got all the treats out of his puzzle, but he checked out all of ours when we were done. I helped Lucy a little bit, too. Hers is just like mine, and I showed her how to do it better.

Chia: Does this mean I have to wish Xena a happy birthday?

Xena: Ignore her. We find that usually works best. So tonight, I got lots more meat in my supper, and I’m ready to chill out with Mommy. With that said, I’ll say nighty night, and wish you a great Wednesday.

XOXOX Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess Birthday Girl

We got news last night of River Song of Small Tales suddenly having to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We are all very sad about that, and offer POTP and prayers for her family. Run free, dear friend.

32 thoughts on “My Birthday by Xena

  1. Happy Belated Birthday woofs to YOU, Xena!! You sure had a fun time exploring and trying to find critters to evict.
    You should come to our yard, its looks a bit like yours, only the whole thing is fenced in…an acre, and part of it is woodsy, full of the best sniffs and maybe a critter or two or more! At least we don’t hace cacti to get stuck /poked with! BOL!

    Our auntie has some…maybe petcretary should get some…then we might not want to dig under all the shrubs in the back woods. Butt hey, lets not tell her that:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lulu: “Happy birthday, Xena! Many happy returns!”
    Java Bean: “¡Feliz cumpleaños!”
    Lulu: “Getting to spend your birthday running around sticking your nose into holes looking for critters sounds like an absolute blast. Shame it had to end with a bath though!”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mee-yow Miss Amy yore kitchen iss so cleen…you are amazin to keep it THAT cleen with 4 Poochiess!!
    Happy happy Birthday my deer frend Xena ❤ ❤
    Soundss like yore speshell day WAS speshell as it shuud bee!
    Furabuluss treet puzzlless two!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  4. I am so glad you had a great birthday!! My heart broke with the news of River Song’s passing. I so enjoyed reading her blog.


  5. It sounds like you had a perfect day for your birthday…well except for that bath. We love snuggling up to our pawrents in the big bed too and there is always room for both of us since we have a king-sized bed.

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  6. we did not know River Song, but saw his photo and he was precious and our hearts hurt when pups we don’t know go over that bridge. Hope Riley has his appetite back today, that is worrisome. you all look so darn cute with your own puzzles. Beau refuses to even try with his. Xena you for sure had a Warrior Princess Birthday! all that hunting and sniffing was worth the bath. Happy Day Birthday, can’t never get enough of those

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We loved River Song. Her yorkie sister Pocket passed over the bridge not long ago. Maybe River went to live with her. Thanks for your good wishes for Riley. He ate a good supper that night and has been eating good ever since. He just has his finicky days. XOX Xena


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