Grooming with Mom: Teddy

I am Lucy, Ace Reporter, coming to you on the Groom Beat! Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Once again one of Groomer Mom’s regular clients sent us a referral. Teddy is a six year old Maltese. He was adopted as an adult, and has sired several litters of Maltese puppies. He has a good home and is a Velcro dog with his Mom. Even so, he is very unsure of himself and afraid.

With his Dad’s permission, Groomer Mom gave Teddy a dropperful of valerian liquid to calm him. It didn’t work. He continued to shake throughout the time he was visiting. But Teddy is a good little boy, and Groomer Mom enjoyed having him “on the table.” (That’s a grooming term.) The last groomer had cut his hair short all the way around his ears. There’s wasn’t much could be done there except even up the bottoms and let them grow out more. And boy oh boy, under all that long hair he was matted to the skin like felt.

When Teddy was finished with his groom, he got a nautical bow on his collar and sat in Groomer Mom’s lap waiting for his Dad to pick him up.

His Dad came and told Groomer Mom, “We won’t wait so long next time to get him groomed,” and left her a $10 tip.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, hoping for a good treat tip for reporting on another episode of Grooming with Mom!

29 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Teddy

  1. Iss that REELLY THE same Teddy???
    Hee looked well ummm ruff an aftur his groom hee lookss specktaculur! Way to go Miss Amy!
    An Lucy wee bet there will bee a “treet tip” there fore you!
    Did you notice yore CALL Letturss? If you add sumthin called ‘vowelss’
    you spell wIgwAm~~~how kewl iss that???
    **nose bopss** BellaDahrm an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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      1. “A wigwam was a type of house used mainly by Algonquian peoples but also other Indigenous peoples in the eastern half of North America in precolonial days. (See also Indigenous Peoples of the Eastern Woodlands in Canada.) Wigwams had a cone shape (or a dome shape among some Subarctic Indigenous peoples) and were typically made out of wood. Sometimes, animal hides would cover the outer walls of the structure. Wigwams were built for easy disassembling and reassembling so that hunting parties and travelling families could have shelter in their new location.”
        Iss allso called A Tee Pee!!! Mew mew mew …….
        An now youss’ know 😉

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  2. What a great job your Mama did, Teddy looks so handsome!!! Sunny and I got groomed the day before her surgery…so hopefully she will make it 12 weeks without being too much of a mess! Mama said, I won’t be waiting that long though…darn!

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  3. you do deserve a tip dear Lucy, MUAH! that is all I can give you from here. Teddy is adorable and glad he sat like a good boy even though he was terrified.. maybe next time he will not be so afraid. perhaps Chia could help, brahahahaha

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