Sunday Selfie by Jemma

Many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies!

Hi, I’m Jemma. I think we might have met before. I’m here with my Mom, Uncle Jeff’s sister. Me and my Mom, we live in Illinois. We’re here in Tennessee so my Mom can visit her brother and also go to her conference in a city called Nashville. She’s been gone overnight, at least 87 hours, and I’ve been scared.

I have my own room, and I stayed in it all day yesterday, guarding my space, and all night too. Today I’m trying to be braver. Riley scares me. Chia kinda scares me. Xena kinda scares me, too. I like Lucy. I growled at Aunt Amy every time she came in “my” room, even when she brought me peace offerings and sat on the floor with me. This morning she lifted her lip and growled back. That scared me, too, but now I at least know who’s boss. So I finally decided to try to trust her. After all, someone has to feed me and take me outside, right? And I don’t know if my Mom is ever coming back. So I’m outa my room and trying harder to fit in. Maybe I’ll see y’all again soon, if I’m gonna be living here. (Do you like how I used the Southern “y’all?” I’m trying.)

*little wags* Jemma

From Aunt Amy: Jemma’s Mom will be back later this afternoon.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie by Jemma

  1. We should try that growling back stuff witth Dalton, when he decides to give his pawppy the bsarking/growling business.

    Dalton: You’ll be fine, you are homesick I think. I am still scared of almost everything here even though I have been here 5 years, now. My home wasn’t anything to be homesick about…and I came to this great one after running loose in Texas after that big hurricane, Harvey. You are a beauty though!

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  2. Mee-yow sweet Jemma pleese do not bee scaredy-cat!
    Miss Amy iss a Poochie Whispurrer.
    Lucy iss mee BFF Poochie frend.
    Chia iss harmless; shee iss just full of energgy.
    Xena iss a kind Poochie girl.
    An Riley iss a big Poochie Pussycat!
    Yore inn safe pawss til yore Meowmy reeternss…..
    ***purrss*** of ree-assurance BellaDharma
    an ***patss*** BellaSita Sistur

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    1. Well, Riley was laying near the supper table and he didn’t know I was under Uncle Jeff’s chair. I came out on the side where he doesn’t see so good and I thought he was going to attack me! Now I don’t trust him. He got reprimanded, but still… Jemma

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      1. Oh nose Jemma….pleese due not bee too angry with Riley. Hee etss sp00ked ’cause his one eye not werk so well. Try to stay on THE side where hee can see propurrley OKay?
        Riley…little Jemma did not nose ’bout yore eye…Maybee youss can try again? Mee xplained thingss to her!
        **purrss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Sistur

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  3. Oh sweet Jemma, you are breaking my heart in little pieces. this is exactly why we never traveled, leaving dogs behind. hope she comes home soon and that you suddenly fall inlove with your house mates.

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  4. Gemma bless your little Tuxie heart. I kinda giggled sorry not at you but with Amy. Madi did not (no clue why) like her human sister. Maybe because she smelled other cats. Everytime they passed each other Madi had a hissing fit. Her human sister laughed at her. Finally one day human Sister hissed back and put her hands up like claws. That was the end of Madi’s hissing fits.
    Hugs Cecilia

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