Grooming with Mom: Toby

Lucy, Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom. Many thanks to  Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday.

Today we have another new poodle puppy to introduce. Toby is five months old and never been groomed. I, Ace Reporter, personally met and interviewed Toby. First, Toby’s “before” picture.

Under all that hair is a sweet, 3 pound baby. Groomer Mom’s original plan was to brush him out (that’s a grooming term) and take a couple of inches off that mop, all the way around. But the brush wouldn’t go through his hair. The comb wouldn’t go through his hair. She sprayed him with a de-matter and used the de-matting tool, and it wouldn’t go through his hair. His mats were almost to the skin; there was no way to get some sharp shears there without risking cutting him. So next, Groomer Mom tried a long, #5 blade. It wouldn’t go through the mats. She then moved to a #7 blade, which cuts a little shorter, with blades closer together. Sure enough, with a little work, it found it’s way through. Of course, Groomer Mom also had to use the table strap to keep the little guy on the table and not trying to crawl on her shoulders while being groomed. Here he is again, partway through and wondering what this thing is around his body.

It was at this point that the groom got really tricky.

“Do NOT shave my front legs! Do NOT put that noisy shaver near my throat! Do NOT cut my nails!” declared little Toby with his screams, his teeth, his claws and all his energy to fight. It was at this point that Groomer Mom unstrapped him, carried him upstairs to Groomer Helper Dad and said, “I need help. Now.”

Groomer Helper Dad went downstairs, taking this reporter with him. At that point, I was wearing my proverbial Zen hat. While I sent calming thoughts Toby’s way, Groomer Helper Dad held him, got peed on, got scratched, and nearly dropped him. Then Groomer Mom wrapped Toby in a towel and pulled out or uncovered only the body parts she needed to work on. Groomer Helper Dad agreed to a picture as long as he remained anonymous. I’ll look up what that word means later…

The towel actually worked better than my zen thoughts, if you can believe that! Toby calmed right down and the groom was able to be completed. Here he is after his bath and touch-up.

Since Toby’s Mom couldn’t pick him up for 30 minutes, Groomer Mom brought him upstairs and put him in Xena/Chia’s kennel. Xena and Chia immediately ran up and started barking at him, which our Mom immediately put a stop to, saying, “Stop that! How could you be so hateful to this poor little puppy?!” Xena harumphed and walked away, but Chia decided to stay and try to make friends with him.

In the end, Toby’s Mom – who had never before had an “indoor” dog – loved the cut and understood why it had to be different from what was planned. She bought a grooming comb from Groomer Mom and made a new appointment for six weeks from now. She also told Groomer Mom that her 7-year-old son was very worried about leaving Toby. He asked his Mom how they knew they could trust “that lady” they left him with. She explained that his great-aunt brought both of her Yorkies (Molly and Cooper) here, and that she would never do anything to endanger them. Groomer Mom suggested that the boy be given a chance to stay and help during the next groom, so that option will be presented when Toby returns in October.

Lucy, Ace Reporter and Zen Master, signing off with another successful groom.

29 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Toby

  1. Lulu: “Wow, now that’s what I call teamwork! Everybody contributed to a successful grooming! Well, maybe not with the barking, but with all the other stuff …”
    Java Bean: “Is Toby’s little human brother going to take over from Groomer Helper Dad, or will that just be a one-time thing?”
    Lulu: “I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a one-time thing. Or maybe just a Toby-time thing …”

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    1. Lulu is right. We already had a neighbor boy ask for a job as a helper, but Groomer Mom doesn’t charge enough to pay someone to help. Groomer Helper Dad doesn’t get paid. XOX Lucy


  2. Mee-yow iss there a Poocie under all thar fur Lucy???
    Miss Amy an THE Mistur youss’ did speck-taculur werk an you two Lucy reeportin an calmin poor Toby down.
    There iss a furry cute an hansum Poochie there fore sure!!!
    Well dun all of youss’…wee hope to see lotss more of Toby~~well less matted butt more fotoss’….
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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  3. Toby looks AMAZING! It was almost worth all the hassle. Almost.I guess we’d have to check with your mom’s Groomer Helper to be sure. And we think it’s a great idea to have Toby’s brother stay for the next visit.

    Love and licks,

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    1. Groomer Mom promises to have more pictures as he grows and, hopefully, she doesn’t have to compensate for knots. His Mom bought a comb off of Groomer Mom, so paws crossed. XOX Lucy


  4. you are a brave bunch living together and helping each other out when needed. both humans and canines. poor pup, i know he had to feel so much better after the tortue session. I hope she brings him back as promised. those mats had to hurt when being removed. until I met all of you I had no idea what a groomer did or how much work it is to be owned by a dog that needs grooming. the only dogs I have ever had were like you Lucy and only needed a bath and a nail trim.

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    1. I’ll tell you a secret, Miss Sandra. Many years ago, Mom wanted to have her own business, but couldn’t decide what it should be. She thought about it for a whole year until she decided she wanted to groom dog. The vet tech where she worked was a groomer – but clear at the other end of town from Mom – and agreed to teach her how to do it! Mom’s been grooming dogs ever since!! Lucy


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