Those Dogs Eat Better than Me!

Chia: That’s what we hear people say when they hear about or see what we eat.

Our supper time is 5:00 sharp! We all know that, but we never ever mind if Mom feeds us early. Late is a different story. Every evening, Mom makes up our supper and our breakfast for the next day. Our breakfast bowls get covered and put in the refrigerator until 6:00 the next morning. We get her or Dad up if they sleep late. We’re helpful like that.

In the left column is our supper bowls. In the right column, Lucy will get 2 eggs added in the morning, and I will get one. I don’t think that’s fair, but Mom reminds me that means I get more meat, so that’s OK. Xena and Riley are both allergic to eggs, so they don’t get any. Then we get all our special additives on top, like fish oil and krill oil and bone broth capsules and pre- and probiotics and some other stuff, too.

Can you guess whose bowl is whose? Bet you can’t, so I’m gonna tell you. I get up on the stool on the far side of the counter and watch as Mom makes it all up, so I’ve got the scoop on this. The bowls at the top are Riley’s. He eats a lot!

Riley’s picky, so Mom puts his veggies and fruit in the food processor, then mixes it in with his meat. I don’t know if he knows she fools him like that, but it works. The day Mom took these pictures, he didn’t eat his fruit, so Mom saved it and processed it for his next meal. You might remember he had been having lots of diarrhea, and some throwing up. No more! His furs are shiny again, too! He never was excited about meals, and often didn’t eat much, but now he’s right there waiting with us for every meal and licks his bowl clean (when Mom “food processes” his veggies and fruit).

Next are Lucy’s bowls. She gobble, gobbles and barely tastes what is in her bowl.

No need for the food processor for her. Can you see her tongue licking even the outside of the bowl and the floor?

Next are the best bowls…mine!

I’ve got little teeth and I have to chew a lot. I don’t like swallowing my food whole like Lucy does. Sometimes Mom puts mine in the food processor too, probably to make Riley think his food is supposed to look like that, since we eat right next to each other.

Riley and I eat slower, and are always the last ones done. Sometimes Mom puts yuckie stuff like strawberries or apples in our bowls, and we both leave those as presents for our sisters. But when she uses the food processor, we lick our bowls clean!

Closest to the edge of the counter are Xena’s bowls. Mom has to remember or look at the list on the fridge for what to NOT feed her, because of her allergies. She does the same thing now for Riley, too.

Xena loves to eat, and licks her bowl clean then checks out Lucy’s while Lucy checks out hers, BOL! There’s never ever anything left in those bowls. I don’t know why Mom even bothers to wash them after every meal.

We get different things…sometimes grass-fed ground beef, sometimes beef roast, sometimes turkey or tuna fish or sardines. We get deer meat too, when Mom can get it. No one gave us a deer (for the cost of processing) last fall, but we all have our paws crossed that we’ll be eating venison again real soon. We get all kind of fresh veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens, carrots, squash, bell peppers, and also cooked mushrooms that we love. Lucy and Xena really love all the fresh summer fruits, too: watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We all like avocados, too, and they help with Xena’s leg cramps.

Anyhoo, you can see why we are happy pups, on Happy Tuesday and every day! And oh yeah, thanks, Comedy Plus, for hosting Happy Tuesday. Y’all are the best!

32 thoughts on “Those Dogs Eat Better than Me!

  1. Boy, you guys DO eat better than many uprights but it shows in your clear eyes and shiny coats! Well done, Mom. I have one question for your mom, do you pre-cook the veggies? I give veggies to Norman & Elsa (along with their meals) and lately Elsa has become uncharacteristically picky so I’m trying different things to encourage her to eat them. Her pickiness cracks me up considering she has long thought napkins, Kleenex and wool socks are all food groups. 😆
    P.S. Looks like WordPress dumped me from your posts so I had to resign up again. Don’t you just love technology? Sorry I’ve been been absent but hadn’t received any emails. I’ll go through and catch up on your last several posts. Always enjoy love reading about all your adventures.

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    1. First, I lose “follows” all the time, so I understand. Veggies release more nutrients if slightly cooked. I have a microwave steamer, and I put them in there for one minute. I recently read that cooking (even a little) can cause broccoli to lose a lot of it’s wonderful nutrients, so sometimes I steam it, and sometimes I feed it raw. As you read, I understand about picky eaters, LOL! (And I’m tricky!!)

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  2. Mom loves all of you and what she feeds you is far better than dog food. Your mom rocks. You also made me laugh. Love your sense of humor.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  3. The dogs have a clock in their heads and they KNOW when it is meal time. In Arizona, we don’t go on daylight time and we don’t change our clocks. The canine cuisine clocks are always right.

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    1. We would eat kibble, too, if just someone would give it to us! But Mom says she lost 2 dogs to cancer, and after all her research on things like dogfood and vaccinations and other stuff, she really pays attention to what we eat and get bathed in and so on and on and on. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  4. wow, you have the best of all moms, maybe in the whole world. I don’t even cook like that for Beaus dad! or myself! you do eat better than we do and also better than Beau…with my memory problems i could not remember who eats what or has which allergie

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    1. Hi Miss Sandra! Mommy made up a food chart for allergies for me and then for Riley, and put them on the fridge. Once in a while she has to go over and look at it. XOX Xena and the gang


    1. Nope. Only if we eat the pit or shell that’s on it, or if we eat way, way too much of it. That’s the same with garlic…it’s really good for us if we don’t eat a whole bulb, BOL!


    1. Since you’re always going to the big meat place, we thought you might be eating the same way as us. Guess not. Sorry. It’s really, really good! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


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