Heads Up on Rawhide Bones

Lucy, Ace Reporter here with a different kind of News Beat. We came across an article about rawhide, which is something we never get. I decided it’s newsworthy in that it can help you make an informed decision about putting these supposed treats in your mouth — or, if you’re the Mom or Dad, about giving them to your dog. Warning: This report contains toxic information that is not for the squeamish.


If you knew how rawhide was made, you’d never give your dog another one of these treats … ever! Here are the six toxic steps in rawhide production:

In slaughterhouses, the hides are placed in a brine that slows down (but doesn’t stop) the hides from rotting.

The brined hides are shipped to tanneries, where the fat and hair are removed. This is done with chemicals like ash-lye or sodium sulphide liming, which is really toxic. 

Next, the hides are treated with more chemicals that puff up the hide, making it easier to split it into layers. The outer layer is used to make leather goods, while the inner layer is used for gelatin, glue … and rawhide.

The next step is to wash the inner layer in a solution of bleach or hydrogen peroxide. This helps remove the dead, rotten smell from the decaying hide.

The white hide strips are decorated to make them attractive to dogs. They’re often basted in different flavors and dyed with petroleum-based food dyes like FD&C Red 40.

It would be a shame to let these rotten pieces of hide rot even more…so they’re preserved with chemicals like chromium salts and even formaldehyde, the most carcinogenic chemical that exists. 

So, you ask, what can you chew if you can’t chew rawhide. Click this safe link to find out.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off!

23 thoughts on “Heads Up on Rawhide Bones

      1. Yup. No one else would want that piece of the bull! When my dogs are young and need to chew, we give those, but I’m not sure if they are untreated or if the bag just doesn’t say what chemicals are there. When dogs come to visit, though, the bully sticks help them chew out their nervousness. By the time they are done, everyone is ready to play!

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  1. Lucy you did pawsum!!!
    BellasSta had 2 Poochiess a lon gtime ago an nevurr gave Rebecca or Bogart Sam Rawhide boness…
    Shee used to get soup boness from THE Italian Grocery an let her Poochiess NAW on them!!
    An reedin this process shee meowed shee iss so grateful shee nevurr gave them Rawhide!!
    Mee will stick with mee Greenie Dental crunchy treetss 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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  2. My dog turned into a savage when we used to give her rawhide bones…snarling and growing and biting if we tried to take them away. And she’s not really like that ever. So that’s why I don’t give her those.

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  3. thanks for the heads up. I have never given them to our dogs because we only have big dogs and the one time I tried way back in 1986 Max was tearing off chunks and swallowing and gagging. I had no idea about all of this, but now i do. I also read a few years ago that all the cheap stuff from Walmart comes from China and some of it is deadly. they use a lot of chemicals.

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  4. we agree… it is a bad job to stick up to your elbows in the mouth of your dog to remove this stuff what sticks somewhere where it is dangerous…there are lots of other good chewing things for our bestest pup, so better hands off…

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