Awww Monday Big Bed Sleeping

Many thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Chia: Hey Lucy, who d’ya think’s gonna get to sleep in here tonight?

Lucy: I don’t know for sure, Chia. I heard Mom and Dad talking about how they aren’t sleeping well with all 3 of us in the bed and with Riley on the floor scratching and snoring.
Last night I slept in here with Riley on his floor bed, and before that you were in here, so I’m kinda thinkin’ it’s Xena’s turn. Yep, there’s Mom calling us into the living room.

Riley: I call dibs on the couch.

Chia: Maybe we’re gonna throw dice to decide. Or draw a card. Or play a game. Or see who can bark the loudest.

2 minutes later

Xena: Thanks, Mommy, I like this pillow better. Will you please turn off the light and ask Chia to stop barking? Do I hear dice rolling around on the floor out there?

Wishing all our friends here in the USA a Happy Labor Day, and a reminder to take it easy today. We told Mom she can be Rosie the Riveter the rest of the week, BOL!

24 thoughts on “Awww Monday Big Bed Sleeping

  1. Yes, Xena taught me how to sing, BellaDharma. And I could show you how fast I can run! But I got to bed early in my kennel before 9 o’clock, and get a treat and go to sleep, so we might have to do that a little earlier. XOX Chia

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  2. Well, all I can say is that Mom and Dad are fortunate that all of you are polite and do as the dice say. Because mine? No way, no how. They run this place. Like furry despots. 🙂

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  3. Mee-yow you look so cozy comfy Xena!
    Riley an Lucy if mee were there wee cuud sleep twogether….
    An Chia you can join us an mee make a campfire an make S’moress an meow songss til THE wee hourss of THE mornin….
    Or……umm maybee wee due that outside today as it iss a holliday!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

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  4. Sleeping with mom and dad is a good thing, but often the peeps don’t get much sleep. Just saying. You’re all so adorable.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and my best to your wonderful mom. ♥

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  5. Lulu: “Happy Labor Day to all of you! Around here, when I sleep in the bedroom, I sleep under the bed, but lately I’ve been sleeping in the office.”
    Java Bean: “I like to sleep on the bed, but lately since it’s been so hot I’ve been sleeping on the floor.”
    Chaplin: “Lately we cats have been locked out of the bedroom at night. Mutter mutter.”

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  6. no pup has slept in our bed since Max died in 2002.. for all the reasons you listed here. glad you figured out how to do it and hope everyone had a peaceful night sleeping, especially the pawrentz

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