Riley’s Sunday Selfie and Quiz

Hey, Cat on My Head, , thanks for hosting Sunday Selfies!

This is Riley. I got chosen to do the Sunday selfie today. And, along with our selfies, we’re starting to do a little quiz to see how well you know us! Don’t worry, you won’t be graded; it’s just for fun. We’ll do one each Sunday until each of us has had our turn. That’s four Sundays, for those counting. So first, here’s my selfie:

Now for the quiz. I had to think and think, but I do think these are good ones.

  1. Mom has assigned us all numbers, just like on the Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. Which number am I?
    a. #2
    b. #4
    c. #1
    d. #3
  2. If I had a choice, I would
    a. Go live with my heart-dad, Andrew.
    b. Run away to explore the big wide world.
    c. Live the rest of my life here with my pack.
    d. Go live with the neighbor down the street.
  3. When I got tested for food sensitivities, three foods that I am NOT sensitive to (meaning I can eat them) are:
    a. almonds, dates, emu
    b. plumps, lamb, kale
    c. mushrooms, sweet potatoes, eggs
    d. venison, spinach, watermelon

The answers are at the bottom of the page. Happy Sunday! *wags and wiggles* Riley

26 thoughts on “Riley’s Sunday Selfie and Quiz

        1. Well, technically, I was here way before Lucy was even born. I came at 6 months old when Lexi was queen. Then I went to live with my Dad Andrew. I came back and stayed from time to time when my Dad Andrew couldn’t take care of me, but this has been the longest I’ve been here since I moved out. Now you have the whole story! RiBoy

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  1. Sorry I am late catching up. Teddy did a runner and disappeared overnight. I spotted him but we had to wait until the hunger bit before he came home. We are also mourning Great Britain’s reigning monarch so these are sad times.


  2. Wee mew you wuud go live with PawPaw Andrew if you cuud…
    An wee mew you can eatin vennyson, spinach an watermelon..
    Sorry wee not know #1 question at all Riley.
    Butt wee DUE nose yore Selfie iss FURRY hansum!!!
    This iss alot of fun!!!!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess)) ) BellaSita Mum

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    1. You DO know me, Miss BellaDharma. I wish we could spend some real time together. But don’t you know I’m always #1, BOL! well, usually last out the door and last to take any food from someone’s hand, but all the pups here know who’s really in charge! *wags* Riley

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  3. Lulu: “Ooh, our Dada watches that Umbrella Academy show! His favorite is Five.”
    Java Bean: “What about Mama?”
    Lulu: “Mama doesn’t watch it. But her favorite is #4, Klaus.”
    Java Bean: “How can she have a favorite if she doesn’t watch the show?”
    Lulu: “Apparently she just looks up when Klaus is around, then goes back to whatever she was doing once he’s gone.”

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