Riley’s Thankful Thursday Pupdate

Well, first, I want to thank my kitty friend Brian for Brian’s Thankful Thursday.

As y’all know, we were all trying to figure out where I was going on Tuesday. Ends up it really was to a different vet, but this one only does allergies and stuff like that. Her name is Laura Wilson, and I like her. Mom Amy will tell you that I wasn’t scared going into the building, either! The place is called Lighthouse Veterinary Allergy & Dermatology.

Chia: Awww…you didn’t go to the beach without me, didja?

Riley: You can ignore the peanut gallery, folks. I do that all day long. Anyhoo, she was gentle and nice and I really liked her voice. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep when she left the room!
Ends up I’ve got allergies and what’s called a secondary bacterial infection from the allergies. I listened close when Doc Laura came back in and she and Mom talked. Here’s a breakdown of what I heard:

  1. Doc: We could do the full allergy testing but Riley’s got a heart murmur, and we would have to check to see what level it is first because of the sedative involved. Also, we wouldn’t know for a year at the least if the allergy serum was working…and he’s a large, 12-year-old dog. (Not sure what my age and size has to do with anything, but let’s just go with it. I don’t want stuck with a bunch of needles anyway.)
  2. Doc: We could ignore the Glacier Peak Holistic food sensitivity test that was done and do an elimination diet. Mom: But what protein could I feed that he hasn’t already been eating. (At that point the Doc started naming kibble type diets that had kangaroo –hmmm, wonder what kangaroo tastes like — buffalo, and all kinds of other meat.) Mom then said no, we’re sticking with raw. What else? Doc: rabbit. Mom: I don’t have a gun, and have you looked at the price of rabbit??
  3. Doc: Atopica (cyclosporine capsules). Once a day. Expensive, but there’s a generic one that Riley can have after we see if it works for him. That takes 30 days. It doesn’t suppress the immune system like Apoquel and it doesn’t tell the brain to ignore the itching like Cytopoint, and it’s not a steroid.

At this point they agreed to go with option 3. I also got doxycycline hyclate (I asked Mom Amy to spell that for me) to help clear up the bacteria, and I’m still getting my special baths. But I can’t get them outside tied to the truck anymore cause it’s gettin’ a bit too chilly for that. And I also got new drops for my ears. I like getting them; Mom Amy puts them on her fingers and gently rubs the insides of my ears. It feels good.

It’s time for my post-breakfast nap, so I’m gonna get comfy with my Rainy Reindeer and my bone, and will see y’all next time.
Your friend, Riley

30 thoughts on “Riley’s Thankful Thursday Pupdate

  1. Hi Riley!
    Here are a few things for whatever they are worth… Carmine (my orange mancat) has pretty nasty allergies, too.

    Why is a sedative needed to do the allergy testing? My vet said that the allergy testing was just getting blood like through a regular blood draw. Maybe it’s different for dogs? In any case, Carmine had his allergy testing done and we did go with the immunotherapy. He has been on allergy shots for about 7-8 months now and we started seeing improvement around month 5-ish. He still has sneeze attacks but not as many as he did when we started.

    Carmine is also on atopica. We hope to get him off at some point. It has helped him a lot. It is not cheap, but it is worth it. I’ll warn you, though, the pills are stinky!!

    I hope the atopica works well for you the way it has for Carmine. ❤

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    1. Thanks for your good advice, Sierra. It’s good when we can share our experiences and thoughts. I had my very allergic schnauzer tested by an allergist, who sedated her to do the pricks on a large area of her belly. It was extremely similar to how my husband got tested. That couldn’t be done while they are awake.
      While I did send hair and saliva samples to a company to get the food allergy tests done on them both, I don’t know how accurate the results are, but am following them anyhow. Did your vet tell you there is a generic form of atopica that you can try? The dermatologist said it doesn’t always work, but once we see if the brand name helps him, we can try switching. Hmm, haven’t noticed a stink… So glad Carmine is responding well! Amy


  2. Your mom and the vet are wise ladies, Riley…and they sure choose what seems the best way to help you with those nasty allergies. Ear rubs sound good to us, too.

    I wonder why the coal tar stuff was banned in CA, its one of the best things for certain skin issues in people…as for kangaroo?? Hmmm, sounds like something PETA might be behind.

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  3. Mee-yow that WAS a GUUD Vet vissit deer Riley!
    Doc Laura soundss furry kind an gentell….an to fall asleep at any Vet’ss iss a toetall compleemint!
    Wee think #3 iss best opshun at this point. Rest lotss an stay hydrated an take yore meddycin Riley!
    An Miss Amy yore a furabuluss Purrymedic fore Riley!! Wee REESPECT you so-o much!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. You’re bossy, BellaDharma, so all I can say is, “Yes ma’am.” And Moms says thanks, she does her best, even if she is getting bald from pulling her hair out. (I don’t think she’s really getting bald.) *wags* Riley

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  4. Lulu: “We sure hope the new treatment helps, Riley!”
    Chaplin: “I think our sister Trixie who we never met used Atopica for a little while. Dennis told us she was also on Apoquel when it first came out but then she suddenly grew a massive tumor on her leg that they attributed to its immune-suppressant properties, so that was the end of taking Apoquel.”
    Charlee: “Mama and Dada tried to put Dennis on a kangaroo diet once only to find out that you can’t get kangaroo-based food here in California. Nor could they ‘officially’ get the coal tar shampoo that Trixie used, although they managed to stockpile a bunch of that before the ban went into effect.”
    Java Bean: “Humans sure do make things complicated for themselves, don’t they?”
    Lulu: “Yes they do!”

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