Thankful for Xena’s New Harness

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Lucy: Hey Xena, I know Mom took you out for a car ride this morning. Mom, do you want me to do the Ace Reporting on it?

Xena: No thanks, Luce. I can handle it myself, but thanks for the offer.

Xena here. I went to one of those big hardware stores whose name rhymes with lows like the noise cows do, and walked all around with Mommy this morning. I did better about not being afraid of buggies and stuff, and was only a little shy when a nice lady reached her hand out for me to sniff it. We kinda steered away from all the big, scary Halloween blowups. From there we drove to the pet store where Mommy previously got my new pink harness that Chia has ended up wearing. She had her own blue one, but she chewed it up about a year ago. These harnesses tighten when we pull on the leash, so they won’t slip off. And since Chia has slipped the old red and black harness we have and then ran off for a while, Mommy’s been putting what should be my harness on her every morning when she goes out for her twicearoundtheneighborhood walk. So I’ve been stuck with the old one she got for a dollar at a yard sale. Mommy thinks I back away every time she tries to put it on me cause I don’t like harnesses. Wrong!! I just don’t like that one!

Chia: Hey! Did you get a treat while you were gone? I can smell something on your beard.

Xena: Maybe. Hmm, so where was I? Oh yes, the harness. So backing up to yesterday (I’m really good at backing, you should see!) we all went for our DNA HW blood draw at two different vets. Riley has his very own vet place cause he’s a “handful” everywhere else. When we got to my vet, Mommy was trying to get everyone out of the car and make sure she had a good hold on Chia’s leash so she didn’t “take off.” Mommy had everyone out but Lucy, who was seat belted in the front. When she got Lucy out she looked down to see that one of the leashes was still attached to a harness but the dog was gone. It was me, BOL! I had quietly slipped that stupid black and red harness and started across the little parking lot to hide around the corner of the building. Nope, I don’t like goin’ to the vet place. But being a good girl, I came back when Mommy called me. Then I signaled everyone to wrap the leashes around Mommy’s legs, and I tried to take off again. I ended up in the vet’s anyhow.

That takes us to today. At the pet store, I got a brand new, never used, turquois blue harness, just like what was my pink one that Chia now wears since she chewed up her turquois blue one.

Chia: Hey, is that a new harness?

Xena: Yes, it’s MY new harness, and if you chew it up I’ll eat your breakfast for the next 87 days while you’re out walking with Mommy.
See, Luce? I toldja I could do my own reporting!

Lucy: Yes, but I usually (never) threaten anyone while I’m reporting.

Xena: Not a threat, just a fact. Oh, and yes, Chia, I got treats while I was out.

20 thoughts on “Thankful for Xena’s New Harness

    1. Well, Miss Monika, no one is every going to escape from the new harnesses, and Mommy threw away the red and black one. (I think she already has gray hairs cause I see her coloring it all the time.) XOX Xena

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  1. That’s a nice new harness, Xena!
    Dalton & Benji chewed up a nice red harness when Benji was still a puppy…it was one they inherited from MJF…sigh…
    We’ve not ever slipped a harness, but we have yanked the leash out of petcretary’s hands a couple times…oops. We know about making her do a one legged dance, too, BOL!
    Once long ago, MJF broke the flexi leash he was using…and *she* had to carry around 26 feet of cord till they got home…BOL! Those leashes are wonderful but we are no longer using them…for fear of us breaking away.
    Hope the lab work comes back good. Heart worms are horrible, they killed our second kitty, years ago.

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    1. OMD, we didn’t realize kitties got heartworms! We are so sorry for your kitty.
      We’ve been getting tested every 5 1/2 months and so far it’s all been negative. But if it comes back positive, it will still be soon enough to just get one shot of something called ivermectin to kill the evil worms.


  2. Lookin mitey fien there Xena!! Yor mew harness iss lovelee….
    Chia pleese do not chew this harness up…..Xena an Miss Amy will bee furry upset…..
    An there must bee tastier things to chew!
    An Lucy you wuud have dun a RATE job reeportin….just thin of it as a day off….
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. I just like to be helpful. XOX Lucy
      I haven’t chewed anything up all year. I wish Xena would give me a break! XOXOXOX Chia
      I got to use my new harness today, Miss BellaDharma, and had a good walk! XOX Xena

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  3. Mom has heard too many horror stories about pups getting loose from their harnesses. One that tightens when you pull sounds like genius. I wear a Martingale collar that tightens when I pull. You were a good girl to come when your mom called, X. Whew. We were sweating that one out.

    Love and licks,

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  4. What a wonderful adventure you had with mom. You got some bling and some treats too. Even better.

    Have a woof woof Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around and my best to your wonderful mom. ♥

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  5. Lulu: “That was some quick thinking, Xena! But since you’re a good girl you had to go back when your mom called you. But you COULD have escaped, and that’s the important thing.”
    Charlee: “Reminds me of this song Dada keeps listening to where they go, ‘When there was a wilderness we wandered wild and free’ …”
    Java Bean: “Your new harness is muy colorful, Xena! I heard Lulu is getting a new harness in the mail today and it’s orange!”
    Lulu: “Orange? That must mean Dada ordered it …”

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