Nature Friday Around the Neighborhood

Hi Folks, Lucy here. First, big wags to our friends over at of the LLB Gang for hosting Nature Friday! Riley and Xena and I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday and saw all the pretty colors and fun Halloween decorations. Chia goes early every morning for a fast, 30 minute walk with Mom, but we don’t get to go. Riley can’t handle it (shhh, don’t let him know I told you) and Mom says Chia by herself is enough of a handful, BOL! So she stayed home (and screamed) while we finally got our walk. Here’s some of what we saw.

This first house looks like a crime scene!

Aren’t the leaves on that tree beautiful? And I wagged my tail at the happy jack-o-lanterns.

While Mom was waiting for Riley to make his slow way up the driveway once we got back home, she got a picture of me and Xena in front of our fall flag.

I promise we’re not sticking our tongues out at you. It had gotten pretty hot in the sun, and with Riley, we had a very slow, sunny walk! We don’t care though. We were all just happy to be out walking with our Mom on a gorgeous fall day. Have a great weekend, everyone!

*wags* and *wiggles* Lucy, Xena and Riley
Xena: Hey Riley, you almost to the house yet?

17 thoughts on “Nature Friday Around the Neighborhood

  1. As much as I would like to take just one dog at a time, I can’t stand the screaming and crying when that one must be left at home. It’s all of them or none of them. Screaming kids I can handle, but screaming dogs? No.

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  2. You two are adorable and I love the decorations. I really love that tree. Wow, such beautiful colors.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  3. Lulu: “A slower walk means more time for sniffing, am I right, Riley?”
    Java Bean: “But a quicker walk means you get more smells up your nose faster, am I also right, Xena and Lucy?”
    Lulu: “Maybe we’re all right!”
    Chaplin: “You can’t be all right. You’re dogs.”

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  4. Fall is such a pretty season!
    Our trees are starting to look like the one you showed us, too.

    Glad you all got a nice walk. If petcretary goes with one or the other of us, the stay behinder whines til she gets back. Even worse is when she goes by herself…that is just not fair!

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