Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

Many thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday! And thanks to all my readers for joining me in another episode of Grooming with Mom.

Even though Groomer Mom’s business cards and sign reads, “Small Dog Grooming,” we had another large dog on the table this past week.

Chia: It seems like they just keep sneaking in.

Lucy: No Chia, they are scheduled.
While Groomer Mom also worked at the Jewish synagogue, she promised her young co-worker that she would teach her how to groom her new puppy. Fast-forward four months, and the Golden Doodle is six months old and ready for her first groom. This is Willa, another precious puppy who has never had an accident in the house, never chewed anything, never misbehaved, never run off…Riley, Chia and Xena are trying hard not to hate her.

Willa’s Mom, who we will call L, used to help her Mom groom their shih tzus, so she’s been around the block once or twice. Groomer Mom demonstrated how to do a particular grooming task, then handed the tool to L to do it. Seems that L is what’s called “a natural.” She’s very artistic, so we think that helped. After a couple of hours, the “masterpiece” was finished.

Hi, I’m Willa, and I was a good girl for my first groom.

Groomer Mom emailed to L the Amazon links of the tools she will need. With that, we say bye bye to sweet Willa knowing she’s in good hands.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off ’til next time, with *wags* and *smiles*.

33 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

  1. Mommy dropped Birdie Blue off this morning for her very first groomer visit. Birdie’s had a few driveway baths, but this is her first spa day. I’m thinking we’ll probably owe the groomer her own spa day when she’s finished with Birdie. Your mom is amazing, Lucy, and so good to teach Willa’s mom all about the techniques and tools she’ll need to keep Willa beautiful.
    ~Tallulah Bee

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    1. Mom, er, Groomer Mom firmly believes that it’s best for the dog when people want to — and are able to — keep them home and groom their pups themselves. But there’s enough folks who don’t to keep $ in Groomer Mom’s pocket, BOL! XOX Lucy

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  2. Thanks for the great report Lucy! Willa does look so very beautiful! Unfortunately, when handing out the Groomer genes, Mama and Daddy were passed over.

    They do groom Jakey because, yes, he is much happier being groomed at home…but Sunny and I put our paws down after that COVID thingy(and a few VERY sketchy furcuts) and made Mama find us a groomer! Of course, now Sunny is going to have to put up with Mama cutting her bangs until she is able to go the the groomer again.

    Rosy, the best groomed gal in the house!

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  3. Mee-yow wow what a kewl Poochie Willa iss!

    Okay heer iss a wee poe-em fore Willa….

    “Here iss our Poochie frend Willa
    She’ss so fine an chilla!
    Shee doesn’t mess inn THE bed
    or rip up THE pilla’ss!
    Wee trulee love ya Willa!”

    Lucy you did a Fine job reeprotin an THE fotos meow 1,000 werdss!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

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  4. Willa is most adorable. I know L will do just fine with your mom tutelage.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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    1. Groomer Mom’s firmly believes that pooches are happier getting groomed in their own home by their own people, and is happy to teach their people how to do it themselves for their own dogs. *wags* Lucy


  5. Willa is just toooo precious for words.. and her mom did a super job. it seems to me mama has only 2 small dogs and 2 large dogs and she knows how to do big dogs so now we need to know why why why no big dog grooms

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  6. we love willa… she has such a funny face… a little like fozzie bear ;O)))that was super nice to help the mom of willa to become such an artist like your mama… well done!!! (and we are with ya for da hating part hahahahahahaha)

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