Sunday Selfie with Riley, Ratto, Chia & Racky-D

Hi friends, and a big woofin’ thanks to The Cat on My Head, for hosting Sunday Selfies.

Riley here. Did I tell you Mom Amy took me to a doggie dermatologist? Oh yeah, I remember now, I told you. The Atopica pills for my allergies didn’t work out. They gave me the squirts and lots of cramping. Even a lower dose gave me the squirts. Dang, and I was getting so much more raw hamburger because of those pills, too! Mom Amy’s mad because she spent so much money on them and the doc won’t even take back the box that isn’t open. Harumph. Guess we’re done going there. Too bad. I really liked them.

On to what else is happening around here. The other evening I spotted Chia on the couch with her Ratto, aka uh, well, I don’t remember the other names. Don’t give me any flack about that, Chia. I might be 12, but I still have all my huge, sharp teeth!

So, as I was saying, I grabbed Ratto and played tug-o-war with Chia. I have to give her credit, she put up a good tug-o-war fight, but, of course, in the end, I won. She kept coming at me, trying to get Ratto back. Guess what I did! Ratto ended up where Chia wouldn’t dare to even try to grab him!

It was bedtime, so Ratto was my pillow all night! Hmm, I wonder where my Racky-D is???

Well, I’m sure he’ll show up, maybe playing with the other stuffies.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Riley

27 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie with Riley, Ratto, Chia & Racky-D

  1. I didn’t ask our vet to get my $$ back, but he works closely with the rescue where Dalton came from, so I donated the meds the MJF was taking until he passed to the rescue via our vet. At least that way they were not wasted.

    Sorry your meds didn’t help you at all.

    That was a good game you had with Chia…but um…well I do believe she might have had the last laugh.

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  2. Y’all look fabulous! Riley, I’m sorry those pills didn’t work but I’m glad you are not taking them. That medicine killed our kitty Angel Sascha.


  3. Pssst! Pssst!!! Riley!!! Checkss out yore back porch….
    Mee thinkss Raccy D gotted o-u-t!!!
    An Chia mee sorry sumone ‘borrowed’ your Ratto….as Riley iss yore Elder you apposta reesepct him….mature Poochie needed a pillow….mew mew mew….
    An Miss Amy same here. BellaSita has had 3 diffyrent meddycinss fore me an not opened an shee can not reetern them…that iss alot of waste…
    Wee been givin those meddycinss eether to Aunty sheila or to THE Rescue peepell wee know 😉
    Maybee you cuud doe-nate to a Poochie Resckue there?
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ❤ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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  4. Aww, dear Riley…you’re very sweet for hiding your toy as a pillow. I think you’re a littlelike Norman who does something similar to keep Mum from stealing his toys. Certainly not from me-I’m a good girl. Ok, maybe just once in a while from me.
    YTour pal,
    Elsa, the Toy Snitching Ninja 🐾

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  5. What’s Riley allergic to, again? Something food-based or something environmental? (I did this allergy testing kit through Chewy’s that was a starting point to figuring out Moon Pie’s allergies!)


  6. you two need to be on the night time comedy show doing your routine. Love the I have and I am keeping it look in your eyes Riley. So sorry about the meds. they should give a starter dose and then a refill. my human doctor did that for me, a few to see how it goes then the full prescription. sorry you are still itching and the money is gone. maybe someone that takes that drug will show up and can take it. we had a vet years ago that took back the drugs and then sold them cheaper to people who had no money. even an open box of heart wurm and flea pills, they sold them by the each to people who could buy them all at one time

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    1. Mom Amy is thinking about selling them, but Dad Jeff said they are prescription and she could get in a lot of trouble. We’ll see. We may be asking for bail money soon. (Hope not, she’s the one who feeds us.) XOX Riley


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