Thankful Thursday with Xena and Chia

Xena: First, me and Chia want to give a big thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it! Chia wants to go first, as usual, so I’m gonna be the nice big sister and let her, even though this is MY blog.

Chia: Hi ya, everyone! We thought that we’d tell you about some things we like, and that means we’re thankful for those things, right? I like my stuffy named Ratto. As you might have seen on Sunday, Riley grabbed Ratto away from me and kept him all night, and that really miffed me. This week my Mom was playing with me and Ratto. She would throw him across the room and I would run and get him and bring him back. But one night I was a little sleepy and just wanted to cuddle with Ratto and not have to run and get him. Mom just didn’t get it, and kept grabbing him and throwing him. Finally, I hid Ratto under the big blanket on the couch.

After I got him all hidden, I hid me. That was that for the night.

I could feel Mom’s arm laying on top of the blanket, but she left us both alone. I’m thankful for that and also that I had my Ratto to cuddle with under a warm blanket. OK, Xena Weena, go ahead. I’m going to find Ratto, or maybe grab Riley’s Racky-D. Shhh, don’t tell him.

Xena: So, y’all probably know I love to ‘splore the yard. I love to hunt for critters: lizzies, chippies, and yes, even big ol’ snakes! The weather was so pretty last week that I got to do that several times. Mommy likes to be outside when it’s warm enough, too, so she just followed me around.

I know there’s still something in this drain pipe!

I dug in it and couldn’t find anything. I ran the length of it, sniffing, and couldn’t get to anything. I even tried to get inside the pipe, but after I got in up past my shoulders I got spooked and backed out fast. I won’t tell Mommy what’s in there; I want to surprise her when I finally catch it!

Do you remember the super big snake – at least six feet long – that visits us every year and eats my lizzies? I was looking for it through the lattice work where we last saw it, all wrapped through the holes.

I didn’t see it, but I smelled me a chippie. One of these days, chippie. One. Of. These. Days.

So I want to say I’m thankful for my Mommy coming outside with me so I don’t have to stay inside or in the dog lot, and I’m thankful for all the fun critters I get to smell (and hopefully catch) in my own yard!

Your good friends, Chia and Xena

25 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Xena and Chia

  1. That drainpipe is like a tunnel…you could get in there if it was only a wee bit wider…then…well, its a good thing it isn’t! BOL!

    We know all about catching varmints!! If you come on over we could show you how to catch some yourself!

    Neither one of us like to be covered up like you do, Chia. Maybe we feel trapped if we are?

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  2. Chaplin: “Our brother Dennis and our other brother Tucker who we never met were all about the blankets, but Lulu has never used one.”
    Lulu: “I have thick furs. I don’t need blankets.”
    Charlee: “It remains to be seen what Bean thinks of blankets.”
    Java Bean: “We didn’t have blankets on the streets in Mexico, so I’m not quite sure what to make of them yet.”
    Lulu: “Xena, is it a chippie inside the pipe? Inquiring minds want to know!”

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  3. Chia, Beau has his gator, and likes hide and go seek with it. Xena, Beau agrees with you about all the sniffing, he keeps his nose to the ground, but he doesn’t bother snakes or lizards, just likes to smell where they have been.

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    1. I’ll tell you a secret, Miss Sandra…I bark and bark at a snake until my Mommy comes out and chases it off. XOX Xena Pee Ess: Please don’t tell anyone.
      If Mom hides Ratto, I’ll just go take Riley’s Racky-D! XOXOXOX Chia


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