Birds of Prey Selfies and Chia’s Confession

Hi friends, and a big woofin’ thanks to The Cat on My Head, for hosting Sunday Selfies.

Xena: Hi there everyone! October was a big month for company coming. During the last weekend of the month — actually, beginning that Thursday — Daddy’s sister and two cousins and their husbands came to visit from the IN state. And his other cousin and her husband came to visit from the NC state. That was a lot of people all at once! Chia couldn’t behave herself, something called “over stimulation”, so got put in her my kennel where she screamed for 40 minutes. We were all on the porch right outside the glass door and big window where the kennel was, so we got to listen to every bit of it!

Chia: You just wait Xena the squeala until there’s somethin’ I can tell on you! Umm, I mean, I’m innocent, Your Honor!

Xena: Ignore her. We all do. Anyhow, our folks and all the company spent the day at Rock City that Saturday, and they went to the Birds of Prey show. Oh, I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t go…you see, it’s cause they were all going out to eat at a restaurant afterwards, and we live in a backwards country that doesn’t let dogs inside restaurants, well, except for that time Angel Lexi got to go through a restaurant when she was advertising the Wizard of Oz for the Chattanooga Symphony who was playing the score thingie from it. She was able to check that off her bucket list. But the rest of us won’t be doing that so we all oughta move to France. Because in…

Lucy: Xena, could you please just tell the story about the birds of prey, or do you want me to take over?

Xena: It’s OK, I’m back on track now, Luce. Let’s see, where was I…oh yeah, the birds. These birds had all been rescued and are now unable to live in the wild. They seem to really like their new home, though. Mom got some neat pictures, so we decided we’d let them have the selfies today. We’re going to take turns introducing them. We drew treats to see who would go first, but everyone ate their treats before we could measure them so we are just going from oldest to youngest. Riley, you wanna go first?

Riley: Thanks, Xena. I want to feature Bob the Barn Owl. These owls are also known as Monkey Faced Owls.

I think they should be called Heart-Faced Owls. Look at those long wings, and them long nails! Mom thinks I used to be hard to do a nail trim on…I’d love to see her try to cut those!

Lucy: Thanks, Riley. I’ve got the colorful bird of prey to show you. The American Kestrel is small in size, but so pretty! I didn’t get his name. Oh, Mom just told me that she couldn’t get a picture of the one at Rock City, but this one from the internet looks just like him.

Hi, it’s me, Xena, again. I picked the Barred Owl, aka Hoot Owl to do her selfie today, cause she looks cuddly and cute, just like me!

Barred Owls aren’t usually all white like this. They said this one is an albino!

Hi hi hi!! It’s me, Chia, who Xena fibs about! I picked the fiercest and fastest bird of prey, just like me! This is the mighty Peragrin Falcon!

They didn’t walk around with this big girl, so the picture was taken from the bleachers. She even screams like I do! (Oh, wait, I think I just told on myself.)

Xena: With that great presentation and confession, we’re wrapping up Selfie Sunday!

Woofs and Wags from Riley, Lucy, Xena and Chia

33 thoughts on “Birds of Prey Selfies and Chia’s Confession

  1. Wow, beautiful birds!!
    A long time ago, petcretary saw a Great White Owl on an advertising sign…in the big city of Toronto!! Wonder if he/she thought it was going to find anything good to eat there??
    We so sometimes see the kestrel here. They try to score a bird when they are at our bird feeders…and then we don’t see any birds for a long time!

    That barn owl is pretty! But they all are, actually!

    We know about screaming our heads off, too, Chia…we got scolded by our neighbors once.

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  2. Pawsum fotoss there Miss Amy!!
    An Riley an Lucy an Xena an Chia wee love ALL THE Birdiess!!
    You know which mee fave iss rite? THE Perrygrin Falcon …..
    Mee still thinkss alot ’bout Carson mee Falcon frend from Minny-soda.
    An wee AGREE that ‘Monkey Face’ iss not such a nice name an ‘Heart Shape’ iss MUCH bettur!!!
    Mee iss sorry you had a ‘wig-out’ Chia……mee had one yesterday an it was seevere! Mee made BellaSita upset an shee went to bed an cried…
    Man wee are a pair aren;t wee??
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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  3. Java Bean: “Ayyy, Chia! You spoke one sentence too many!”
    Lulu: “I have heard that Mama and Dada used to say that my kitty sister Pooh Bear who I never met looked like one of those owl things because of her big eyes.”
    Charlee: “Hmm, I wonder why they’ve never said I look like an owl. I have big eyes too.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe it’s because you look like a skunk.”
    Charlee: “I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A SKUNK! Except for that I’m black and I have white on my back where my tail is.”
    Java Bean: “Ayyy, Charlee! You spoke one sentence too many, too!”

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  4. How amazing to get so close to those birds. I had a barn owl land on me at a Bird of Prey centre and it was almost weightless!!!! Surprised – I certainly was!

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  5. yes, we have heard the screams of the birds of prey, I think they all do. I wonder what that means about you Chia? are you a hunter? the monkey owl is sorta creepy looking, actually most of those birds could fly away with you and Xena so watch the sky. sorry the company came and ruined you day, or days. I was in Rock city in 1952, no birds back then

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    1. Wow, you must have been a baby back then, so you probably don’t remember it, right, Miss Sandra? XOX Xena
      Yes, I’m a great hunter and chaser! XOXOX Chia
      Mom keeps telling Dad she worries about that when she sees a super big bird around here, but he laughs. We’re all really more concerned about coyotes! XOX Xena and Chia


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